Best Taurus G2c Sights – 2020 Complete Review

| Last Updated: January 14, 2022

For anyone who owns a Taurus G2C or is thinking of buying one, you need a reliable sight.

We say this because accuracy is vital when using a sub-compact weapon (pistol) like the G2C. All sights aren't the same, and it can be tough to find the right one.

To make things easier for our gun enthusiasts, we've gone ahead and compiled the Best Taurus G2C Sights Review list! Give it a read.

Comparison of the Best Taurus G2c Sights

  • Best overall which is great for self-defense
  • Helps increase your shooting accuracy and quick aim
  • Best for use during nighttime
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  • Runner-up that provides clarity in low light as well
  • Very easy to install on your gun
  • Offers very good visibility during daylight
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  • Best for the money Taurus G2C sight
  • Overall design is quite compact
  • Made of superior nylon material to ensure sturdiness
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  • Gives you the brightest red laser that the law allows
  • Can fit a range of rail-equipped rifles, guns, and even shotguns
  • Features an ambidextrous switch for easy control
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  • Offers you high visibility during the day and low-light
  • Glows in the dark without any light exposure
  • Features a Focus-Lock right for better focus
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How Accurate is a Taurus G2C?

So, let’s begin with the basics. As mentioned, a Taurus G2C is a type of a sub-compact weapon. It offers you a highly affordable and compact carry-on gun. It features a steel magazine capable of holding 9mm bullets (12-rounds) and a polymer frame.

When you have a gun, accuracy is what really matters. Now, you might not realize this because of the compact size, but this weapon is quite accurate. Whether it's steel or brass-cased ammo, this gun functions exceptionally. You can accurately shoot a target up to seven yards away with a two-handed grip. Shooting a target 15 yards away is doable for more experienced shooters. Such accuracy makes it a good self-defense weapon.

The ammunition doesn’t matter much. Targets can be hit by using Tula FMJ or WWB (Winchester White Box) ammo. However, some people have reported the WWB being more accurate. JHP self-defense rounds might shoot a bit lower on the target due to weight.

Are All Sights the Same? 

To ensure the accuracy of your weapon, it’s a good idea to have the appropriate sight. Take note; not all sights are the same. Depending on the ammo you wish to use, as well as your shooting skills, the sight you select could be different from other G2C owners.

You should also know that sights come in various colors. They can be white, green, red, or a variety of other colors. Other than that, some might be stand-alone models like a rear or front sight. The sizes vary, too. So, as you can see, there’s a whole lot to consider before making a purchase.

By reading our review, you'll be able to know about the top Taurus G2C sight models to understand the differences better.

Breaking down variations, sights can be different from one another because of:


Depending on your budget, the sight you purchase is likely going to be made of a different material compared to a higher quality model. It can be made of aluminum, steel, or tritium.


Of course, a big difference between sights is the price tag they’ll have. An affordable model might be well-constructed, but it might not give you the accuracy you’re looking for.


Yes, some sights are going to be tougher to install than others. It’s always better to go for a model that’s easier and requires few tools.

Why Did These Sights Make Our List?

The models on our best Taurus G2C sights review list were selected through quite a bit of research. We understand the need gun owners have for accuracy. That’s why we went through the numerous models available. We came up with a useful set of parameters to ensure only the best models were added to our list.

We looked at:


We considered the color of the sight because we wanted to give you a choice. Not everyone is going to like the same colored model. Maybe you’re someone who is more partial to green? Perhaps you like red? Do take note that if you have poor eyesight, a brighter color will work better for you than red. The color of your sight is also determined by the game you are hunting. Some animals cannot see certain colors, allowing you to remain unseen.


We made sure to review high-quality items. So, we had to check the overall construction of the sights that were added to our list. 

You can also opt for a rear or front sight. Also, you can go for a complete set. Our review list does take this into consideration when recommending reliable sights to you.


We understand that not everyone is going to be working with the same budget. That’s exactly why we highlight a sight that’s the best for the money. 


All of the sights present on our list offer accuracy you can depend on. We want you to make a worthwhile (and possibly life-saving) investment.

Review of the Best Taurus G2c Sights

Now that we have broken down a lot of information regarding the Taurus G2C and available sights, it’s time to begin our review list. Again, we have made sure to categorize the list. We did this to let you know which is the best overall, best for the money, and more, so that choosing one is easier.

Best Overall:
 ArmaLaser Red Laser Sight

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  • Easy to use for your gun
  • Effortless to install, as well as use
  • Great to use for nighttime protection
  • One of the better sights available for self-defense
  • Features simple touch activation with no push buttons


  • Isn’t effective during the daytime
  • Not the best sight for daytime competitions
  • Red laser version doesn’t offer the best accuracy

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers of this model have been quite happy with their purchase. They appreciate the fact it’s very easy to use and adjust. They like how it features advanced human touch technology. It offers great accuracy at night. However, some buyers have shared difficulty when using it during the daytime. They recommend opting for the green laser instead of the red when using it during the day to overcome this problem.

Why it Stands Out to Us  

This model stands out to us for a number of reasons. We decided to make it the best of the best on our list because it offers a lot. The human touch technology enhances convenience. It's also easy to use and adjust. It provides great accuracy, especially during night (for self-defense). All these features more than justify the price tag.

Who Will Use This Most  

This sight is great for anyone who wants to feel safe during nighttime. The human touch technology lets you not worry about any annoying push buttons. Meanwhile, the accuracy offered ensures a higher chance of hitting the target. The ease of use is beneficial for the elderly and those with poor eyesight.

Bottom Line

This is a great option. It’s perfect for anyone wanting to improve their accuracy and aim. It works impressively well during the night. Plus, the ease-of-use and simple installation process make it a worthwhile investment to keep and your loved ones safe.

 TRUGLO TFX Pro Tritium and Fiber Optic Xtreme Handgun Sights

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  • Overall design isn’t preferred by all
  • Some people might feel this model is a bit bulky
  • Doesn’t offer a lot of adjustments for elevation and windage

What Recent Buyers Report

Many buyers have shared that they liked using this sight for target practice. It allowed for better accuracy rates. They were able to hit their targets, or at least come close, even from 40 yards away. While some buyers have shared this model can feel a bit bulky, they felt they could trust it for protecting themselves if the need arose.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We decided to add this sight to our list because of its effectiveness. While some buyers have shared their opinion about it being bulky, we don't think that's the case. For us, the size is workable, and it doesn't obscure your line of sight. Using it during the day makes it a handy item to have with you.

Who Will Use This Most

As mentioned, people with poor or failing eyesight will like using this sight. It's perfect to have if you want to visit a shooting range during the day. Since using it is easy, it’s recommended for people who don’t want to go through a tough installation process. People who wish to use a Taurus G2C to hit long-distance targets can use it, too.

Bottom Line

Our runner-up is great for anyone interested in buying a reliable sight. With this item, you can say goodbye to using sights that are annoying and hinder your line of sight. Due to it being usable during the day and in low-light areas, you’ll feel safe carrying it around.

Best for the Money:
 Infilight Green Flashlight Laser Sight

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  • Offers multifunctional modes for better accuracy
  • Light in weight, which makes it easier to carry around 
  • Design is compact, which allows for convenient carrying and use
  • Integrated green laser (with an LED flashlight) helps increase accuracy
  • Features superior nylon material in its construction to ensure durability


  • Some might feel the accuracy isn’t the best
  • Installation process might be annoying to some
  • Some might not like how tough it can be to make sense of the different modes

What Recent Buyers Report

Many recent buyers like that this is a reasonably-priced gun sight. They appreciate the overall quality for the accompanying price tag. For many buyers, using this model was easy. They liked the multi-functional modes it offered. While the installation process was a bit tedious for some, customers have liked the fact it can be used in various settings for shooting practice and defense.

Why it Stands Out to Us

One of the things that has helped this model stand out to us is the price. It surely is the best for the money option you can opt for. We like how it offers different modes. You can use the green laser, the flashlight, or both, depending on your needs. Other than that, it is very easy to charge it.

Who Will Use This Most

People looking for an affordable, yet reliable sight are going to prefer this model. It is also meant for those who want a range of features. As mentioned, you can decide if you wish to use it as a flashlight, laser, or both. It’s great for brightening your target in low-light areas. People with failing or poor eyesight will also appreciate this item.

Bottom Line

Wrapping up our review of this G2C sight, we have to say that the price tag is quite affordable. The features it comes with are sure to help improve your aim. It’s a dependable model to make you feel safe. While the installation might be tough for some, it’s still a gun sight that can offer great results. 

4. Ade Advanced Optics HG54R-1

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  • Easy to use and install 
  • Features a proprietary mounting design
  • You get two modes including strobe and constant-On
  • Can fit a range of weapons with a modern accessory rail
  • With this sight, you’ll be able to use the brightest red laser permissible by law


  • Customer service isn’t the best
  • Modes might not work perfectly
  • Recoil might make the laser fall off the gun

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers seem to be very happy with this sight. They liked how easy it is to install. It can be effortlessly switched from weapon to weapon as long as the firearm is compatible with this item. They also liked how it was able to improve their overall accuracy. The modes allow for better shooting practice sessions. 

Why it Stands Out to Us

We decided to add this model to our list because of the powerful red laser. This laser is the brightest one permissible by law. This kind of laser is sure to help improve your accuracy. The installation process is also quite easy. The design and construction ensure durability and reliability. Furthermore, the ambidextrous switch allows for better control. You can decide on which mode you prefer.

Who Will Use This Most

This sight is recommended for anyone interested in using an impressive red laser. Also, the modes can help you improve your accuracy rates under various scenarios. The bright red laser makes it easier for the elderly to use it, too. This is the type of sight meant for people who would like to use a single item for a range of weapons they have.

Bottom Line

This reliable sight with a robust red laser can be a good option for you. It features durable construction and also provides you with two different modes. Practicing at a shooting range is going to be very easy with this sight. While the customer service could be better, this is still a dependable item.

5. TFX Tritium and Fiber-Optic White

No products found.


  • Focus-lock ring helps with faster focus
  • Comes with a 12-year limited warranty
  • Can be easily used during the day, as well as in low light
  • With this sight, you’ll get very high visibility in various shooting conditions
  • Features a TFX-sealed capsule design for maximum protection, as well as durability


  • Customer service could be better
  • Might not always line-up properly
  • Doesn’t offer the best accuracy during night

What Recent Buyers Report

Judging by what recent buyers have to say, they seem satisfied (to an extent) with this Taurus G2C sight. They like how it offers good visibility during the day and in some low-light conditions. However, they have shared it isn't the best at night. Having said that, the overall construction has been praised by buyers. The design is also quite compact and not bulky.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The compact, durable design of this sight is one of the reasons we added it to our list. This sight is snag-free, which adds to the overall convenience it offers. The TFX-sealed capsule design ensures it can handle almost everything and remain intact. It also has a Fortress Finish that allows it to be resistant to rust.

Who Will Use This Most

This sight is a good option for those wanting to buy a durable sight for their gun. Whether it falls on the ground or experiences bumps, it won’t be damaged. Other than that, the laser is great for anyone who wants to visit a shooting range during the day. It can be easily used by the elderly because of the hassle-free installation process.

Bottom Line

We quite like the overall construction of this model. This is the kind of sight that's meant to last, thus, making it a worthwhile investment. While it doesn't offer the best accuracy at night compared to other models, it's still a dependable sight for a Taurus G2C.

Cautious Considerations to Keep in Mind 

As you can tell, there's a variety of sights you can purchase depending on your needs. For this reason, you must be cautious of particular aspects to ensure you make an informed buying decision.

It is Not a Toy

While many of you might feel this is common sense, we're still bringing it up, just in case. Sights meant for guns aren't toys. So, if you have kids around the house, keep sights away from them. While many people do keep guns safely secured, having a sight around can lead to kids damaging it.

The Purpose of the Sight

Ask yourself why you want to purchase a sight for your gun. Do you want to feel protected during the night as you travel? Do you wish to use a sight while at a shooting range in the day? Not every model can offer visibility during all parts of the day. Some work better at night while others are better in daylight. So, opt for the correct sight depending on your needs.

Remember to Charge

You need to remember to keep your sight charged. An uncharged sight isn’t going to do you any good during an emergency. It’s always better to be prepared rather than being sorry down the line.

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying New Sights?

Before you go ahead and purchase a sight for your Taurus G2C sight, here are some buying tips. You want to get the most out of your money, right? Well, these tips can help you make an informed buying decision. 

Stand-Alone or a Set

Always check the alignment of the sight you're interested in, as well as your own shooting needs. A front-sight isn't going to be useful if you need a rear-sight and vice versa. Also, you don't always need to opt for a complete set. So, take your gun for a practice session. After acknowledging your accuracy skills, you can figure out which type you need.

The Adjustments

We can't stress this point enough. Always opt for a sight that is easy to adjust. Everyone tends to handle their firearm differently. Some like a single-hand grip while others like a double-hand. Some are left-handed, while others are right-handed. A sight that's easy to adjust can help you fine-tune everything according to your preference to ensure you hit the target.

What Color Do You Want?

Sights come with different colored lasers. So, do go over the color of the laser featured in the sight you are interested in or require. People with weak eyesight are recommended to opt for green and yellow instead of the usual red. The color of the optic also comes into play for certain animals you may be hunting.


The best Taurus G2C sight for your firearm and shooting needs is out there. Doing proper research can help you find it. Remember to always go over the construction, laser color, and adjustability of the features before buying a sight. We hope our in-depth review list was able to offer useful information.