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What is Survive the Wild?

Welcome to the family! At Survive the Wild, we're dedicated to offering all-inclusive buyer’s guides for other passionate outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you’re a prepper, survivalist, or just someone who loves the outdoors, you’re in the right place. 

Our days are spent testing, reviewing, and researching products as broad as throw flashlights and tactical backpacks in order to provide all the info you need to get back to doing what you love: spending time outdoors and enjoying the wilderness – safely. 

With technical knowledge of endurance products and the creativity of content creators, we write in-depth reviews so that you can make educated decisions on what purchases are worth your hard-earned cash.

Why You Can Trust Us

At Survive the Wild, we provide high-quality, thoroughly researched content and buyer guides to aid in your next adventure. Our unbiased, unsponsored, and trustworthy reviews are created using actual user experiences, forums, and industry experts to provide you with the information you need.

Our unparalleled industry knowledge and survival training provide us with the tools to recommend the best products in the industry.

We pride ourselves on credibility and a strong rapport with our valued audience. We've built an empire on presenting dependable buyer guides for like-minded outdoor lovers, and we're committed to having a positive, lasting impact on your survival training.

Meet Our Team

Meet the incredible team at Survive the Wild! We are outdoor-loving, content-writing, review experts, from various backgrounds with one thing in common: we're all survival specialists. Browse through our team of survival lovers to get to know us better.

Clint | Owner

Welcome to the site! I ensure all the gears are turning and working together as well as being part of the research team that discovers what people are looking for. As a long-time hunter, my love for the outdoors evolved into survival and prepping at an early age. For the past decade or so, I've been learning the ins-and-outs of this stuff and love it. 

Tyler | Writer

My name is Tyler and I’ve spent more of my life outdoors than in. Growing up in Arkansas, I went hunting with my dad and uncles every year. 

My own family is out camping anytime the temp’s above freezing and even that doesn’t always stop us. I spend as much on buying the supplies as the time I spend writing about them.

Erica | Writer

Someday I plan to live off the grid. For now, I’m gradually buying everything I need to do that. Most of the products I write about, I’ve researched on my own already. I love being part of the team here at Survive the Wild and giving people the tools they need for prepping and survival.

Francis (Frank) | Editor

Being a prepper is a way of life. I try to be prepared for any scenario and am always in search of easier, longer lasting products to beef up my survival kits.

I’m Francis (most people call me Frank) and I make sure every review is informative, accurate, and interesting. Sure, maybe I even end up buying some of the products myself. I guess that means we’re doing it right.

Steven | Brand Manager

Known as the “web guy” behind the scenes, Steven keeps the technical aspects up and running and has been Survive The Wild's brand manager since 2019. 

If you're interested in collaborating on behalf of a brand or related-website, feel free to reach out via our contact page. Note, this is not for guest post inquiries and such requests will be "accidentally overlooked". 

How Does This All Work?

Not sure how the whole process works? Trust us, it's not as complicated as it looks!

The process begins by scouring the internet for the best products to review. Once we determine the products that people are most curious about, we conduct a thorough research and testing phase before writing our review. 

Once written, this content goes through a thorough quality check, gets a bit of a shine added with the addition of graphics and images, is posted on the website, and voila! 

Who Writes Content?

At Survive the Wild, we only hire top-quality content creators, consisting of professional and freelance writers who are passionate about the outdoors.

These experts further research the products to give you a comprehensive overview of your next piece of gear and help you decide which product you should shell out money on.

How Are Products Chosen?

No energy expense is spared when choosing products to review for our audience. Since we pay for most products out of pocket, we have to be meticulous about what is worth examining. 

We hunker down in consumer reviews and forums such as Survivalist Forum and Wilderness Survival Forum to see what products and topics are trending in the community. 

Once a list is created and approved, it is sent off to the content team. 

How Does Survive the Wild Make Money?

Great question!

We're grateful to be supported by the Amazon Affiliate program and through ad revenue. The Amazon Affiliate program offers us a small commission when our audience buys off the links that we share. 

Do We Get Paid to Review Products?

No, we do not get paid for reviews. 

Rarely, we may get sent free products for review; however, it is not dependent upon a positive review and brings us no monetary gain. Our revenue comes solely from the sources mentioned above.

Do Brands Pay Us for Better Rankings?

Absolutely not.

We're committed to maintaining credibility and a good rapport with our audience. We have never and will never accept payment for better ratings. This practice would be a breach of our morals and would damage our reputation. Every review is as honest and accurate as possible.

How to Get in Touch

You can contact us by emailing admin(at)survivethewild.net, filling out the form on our contact page, or reaching out to us on any of our social media accounts. Links to our social accounts are below.

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Thanks for Visiting 

Thanks for taking the time to learn more about Survive the Wild! We're glad that you stopped by. For other questions, feel free to contact us or fill out the contact form below. 

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