Free Survival Gear: Find Out Who’s Giving Stuff Away

| Last Updated: March 29, 2021

"Yea, I just paid shipping and they sent it to me..."

The first time I came across one of these offers I couldn't believe it, especially since the first product I saw (the waterproof matches) actually worked as advertised. It's not often you find a company that just gives these nifty products away.

So we're going to go over the free products that are being given away that are worth your time.

We say "worth your time" because there are free products being given away that aren't worth even paying shipping for. We'll also go over why these products are free and if there's any catch that comes with them. 

Quick List of Free Survival Gear

  • Hybeam tactical flashlight
  • Fire Cable Paracord Bracelet
  • Waterproof Match Kit
  • EDT Multitool
  • Credit Card Knife

Spoiler alert, the one "catch" people complain about is that they paid shipping. Let's be honest though, these products are useful  and high enough quality that they could easily charge $20 for them. And even more strange, people would pay it, because there's no skepticism about paying a price instead of figuring out if you're being "played" or "scammed".

So let's get into what you came here for, the free stuff and the information behind the free stuff!

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Why are they giving these products away?

That's usually the first question that goes through people's minds, right? I mean it doesn't take a masters degree in business to figure out that if you're giving products away that cost money to make you're not going to be in business very long.

So why do they do it?

Because they want access to you, and to use it as a sign of good faith. It's a lot like an ethical bribe to get to know you. They offer you a high quality product and you interact with their company enough to get to know them. And odds are that you'll go back to them for information or more free products. 

I know I did!

Survivallife is the best at using this. Mostly because they have an extensive budget and have other areas of business that pay for their ability to give away stuff for free. Our site doesn't have this budget unfortunately, otherwise we would love to give our readers loads of free stuff.

Why do they charge shipping?

From what we understand it's counted as a loss in the first place to give products away that they've paid for, it's another to give that person an extra $5-$10 in shipping. So it seems fair to ask the person who's getting a sweet deal to show a little incentive to get something they want.

Are These Products Worth It?

Most of these products can be used everyday in some way or another. The others, like the EDT Multitool, are for specific emergency situations. So the short answer to this question is a resounding HELL YEA!

The Best Free Survival Gear

Hybeam Tactical Flashlight

The hybeam tactical flashlight is certainly an edc MUST, so we wanted to make sure this was the first one that our readers got to look at. Being left alone in the dark is something that the military uses to scare out the hardest of trainees.

There's an innate fear of the dark in people.

This flashlight is made of high grade aluminum and has three settings for the beam, still, flashing, and strobe. And the beveled edge makes it a great glass breaker or defensive weapon if needed.

And that's why having a flashlight at all times is a priceless tool! So if you want to take them up on their offer click here

Firekable Paracord Bracelet

Now I'm sure you've seen a lot of tactical paracord bracelets before, but this one is free and has a few more tricks, so that makes it a bit more special. Not only can this bracelet breakdown into 80 FEET of fully functional cable, but it comes with a flint striker for emergency fire starting situations as well.

Also the built in signal whistle means you won't have to worry about depending on the strength of your voice to get someone's attention. Which can mean the difference between life and death after a few days in the wild.

So if you want to basically ensure your survival is on your wrist click here

Water Proof Fire Starter

Having a match on your keychain is pretty cool, but having a match that can strike in any situation is better, right!

That's exactly what EVERSTRYKE is designed to do. The ferro rod and wick twist into the case that keeps the material dry in any situation, and the striker on the side is a built in perfect striking surface. And each match is capable of burning 15,000 strikes!

So if you want your all weather match and fire starter click here

EDT Multitool

Looking for a free tactical tool that has all the tools you need in one spot? 

Well here it is in the EDT Multitool from survival life. This stellar tool comes with a knife, pliers, can opener, and a handy clip so that you can attach it to your belt loop and leave space in your pockets. I know, it's the little things that make it great 🙂

Also the pliers have a handy wire cutter, so not only will you never have to tax your grip again, but you won't have to worry about twisting wires until they snap anymore!

So click here to get your free EDT Multitool

Credit Card Knife

From now on you'll never be more than 3 steps away from having a blade that you never have to sharpen, that can cut through the most rugged material. It's the credit card blade from Survival Life!

Grab the insta blade credit card knife here while their in stock

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