Best Freeze Dried Food for Survival – Prepare for Any Emergency

| Last Updated: January 13, 2022

If your mission is to help your family survive in a chaotic situation then you're going to need more than a few Pop Tarts and granola bars to get you through. Which is why we took the time to dive into these companies and find what it is about these brands that sets them apart from other freeze dried food suppliers.

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Mountain House Breakfast Bucket

Best Overall

Wise Food Storage


What Separates the Best Freeze Dried Food Brands?

Because they're all hustling the same basic products, right? Well yes and no. On the surface they're all the same company, but how they operate and the quality of their product is what separates these brands to their consumers.

Do They Offer Allergy Free Options?

This could expand or limit a companies reputation with it's consumers (YOU), if they don't take the time to consider that people have food allergies. And their willingness to accommodate those customers with options that fit their situation is a huge sign of their attention to the consumer.

Do They Have a Specialty?

The people who do truly great things in this world have a gift at one particular thing, and that's usually what makes them the best. So getting to know a company's "best" or "signature" product is a good insight to what's going to happen with the rest of their meals.

If their specialty is garbage then you can move on easily.

Does the Cost Fit the Quality?

Just like when you go to a place that you know is close to the top of your budget, you expect that experience to match what you've paid for. If you order a $12 burger and they bring you a thin paper wrapped soggy burger, you're not going to be happy. 

So the quality of the food you're ordering from these companies needs to match their price. And remember, there's a reason the cheapest companies are the cheapest, because they aren't the best. And the ones that are expensive need to be tested before you buy a 20 year supply.

Quick Take: 
Our Top 2 Choices

In a hurry? Here's a snapshot of the Best Freeze Dried Foods for Survival:

Review of the Best Freeze Dried Foods for Survival

Time for our review - below are our top picks for great, freeze dried food options:

Mountain House has done a superb job of providing mass quantities of food to survivalist and preppers alike. And with their 12 Year Taste Guarantee they're certainly putting their money where their mouth is! They also have a great variety of foods, ranging from delicious cinnamon apples to a family sized portion of beef stroganoff!

They haven't yet won any awards for flavors and satisfaction, but that's not to say that their meals aren't tasty to some. This might just indicate that they have an area or two to work on. But all in all Mountain House has some absolutely incredible products and should be on your list of backpacking foods to try!

Now if you're looking for true variety in selection and taste then this is the backpacking food company for you! And with their guarantee in best quality food storage and 25 year flavor guarantee this company isn't afraid to let you know that when you're buying this product, you're buying the best. They also allow you to buy in stock in order to save money, their packages range from 4 day supplies all the way up to one year supplies!

The only issue we've found, if you can really call it an "issue", is with the fact that this brand typically falls under the best foods for preppers category. Which means if you're a backpacker looking for reviews of this product, you'll need to sort through some reviews in order to find the backpacking reviews of this product rather than the preppers reviews. But all in all it's a great fit for both!

In our very humble opinion we've saved the best for last, in the company Valley Food Storage! This company goes above and beyond to provide the best quality foods to their customers, and in a way that will stand the test of time with flavors intact. With gluten free products and dairy free as well, this company goes above and beyond to service their customers. Whether providing the best backpacking food or the best food for preppers, Valley Food Storage takes the cake, the freeze dried cake that is 😉

With food that is made and processed in the USA as well it gives this company a leg up in most people's eyes. And with the same 25 year guarantee as other companies they're willing to prove that they have a quality product that will stand the test of time to keep you going!

We're not sure if there's much that we would change about this company if we could, from the amazing products and customer consideration to the delivery time, this company has gone above and beyond to make sure their customers are taken care of in every way possible!

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