Best Bushcraft Boots of 2020 – [Bug Out Boots for Survival]

| Last Updated: January 13, 2022

In this article, we will be taking a look at some of the top bushcraft boots of the year. Whether you are traipsing through the woods on a hunt, practicing survival training, or hiking the backwoods for fun, you will need protection for your feet. 

To ensure you're set up for success, we have rated and reviewed some top picks.

These come with some key qualities you won't want to overlook. Keep reading to learn more about what to look for in a pair of bushcraft boots that will stand up to your usage.

Comparison of the Best Bushcraft Boots

  • These are cold-weather boots.
  • High-quality footwear to protect your feet outdoors.
  • Best overall that beats all other products on the market.
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  • Boots made out of 100% leather.
  • Runner up pair from a trusted brand.
  • Added features for extra safety and comfort.
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  • Great boots for very cold regions.
  • Durable and reliable footwear for all year round.
  • Best for the money with excellent features at a good price.
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  • Have a rubber sole.
  • Made out of 100% full-grain leather.
  • Able to withstand tough environments.
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  • Very flexible for ease of motion.
  • Have a precise shape for a better fit.
  • Manufactured from suede to look good.
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Are All Bushcraft Boots The Same?

Bushcraft refers to being able to live and survive in the wilderness. Therefore, there are many different options when it comes to safe footwear for such places. People tend to engage in a variety of activities when out in nature and most places have different types of terrains with each requiring a specific type of boots. Examples of different types of boots may include: 

Mountaineering Boots

These are full-length boots, good for steep terrain as they are firm and rigid and provide complete foot protection. 

On-Trail Hiking Boots

These are usually low-cut or mid-cut boots, made from a softer material. They tend to provide more stability on well-maintained tracks. 

Off-Trail Hiking Boots

Above-ankle support is provided by these boots and is also considered good for talus, goat paths, etc. They provide appropriate protection and flexibility.

Technical Scrambling Boots

These boots are designed for light hiking and scrambling. They work well with well-kept tracks, lighter backpacks, and might require frequent removal of twigs, sand, gravel, etc. if you go for serious trail-traveling. 

How to Choose Bushcraft Boots

Although there are a variety of different kinds of bushcraft boots available today, it is important that you buy some fit your needs the best. There are certain factors that need to be considered when making a purchase. Some of these factors are as follows: 

Terrain and Baggage Weight

It's essential to be mindful of the type of terrain you are going to traverse when picking a pair. Whether it is going to be rather bumpy or fairly smooth, you need to pick accordingly.

Similarly, the additional load you plan to carry is of equal importance. This is because not only would you likely have a heavy backpack on your shoulders but the added weight of your boots can take a serious toll on you once you’re done with your trip. 

Type of Sole

The soles are an essential part of any pair of boots. They serve various purposes such as gripping the ground while walking and absorbing shocks, as well as preventing sharp objects from hurting or cutting the foot. Therefore, the soles need to be thick and stiff enough to provide maximum support while being flexible enough at the same time to allow the user to walk as naturally as possible. 

Material and Durability

Durability is yet another factor that definitely needs to be considered because it ensures value for your money. A good pair of boots are usually made of thick, high-quality material such as leather, along with quality laces that remain secure for a longer time. Bushcraft boots also require excellent, high-standard stitching to make sure they can endure significant wear and tear during your hike and still stay put. 


Complete overall protection is one of the primary functions of a bushcraft boot. It is required to protect your feet from harm and cuts, and also keep them warm and dry. Having water-resistant footwear is really helpful anytime you are outdoors.

It is good to have survival boots which are fully waterproof, i.e., keeping water from entering into the boot during rain or when you step into a puddle, but at the same time also allows sweat to escape, preventing unpleasant odors and painful blisters. Boots that provide ankle protection have an added benefit as they keep your ankles safe from sprains or breaks when you twist or bend your ankle. 


This has to be the foremost feature that you definitely need to look for when buying a new pair. Your footwear should allow you a decent amount of motion. You should be able to move freely and easily. Secondly, your shoes should be breathable and allow sweat to escape and fresh air to circulate to your feet.

Review of the Best Bushcraft Boots

Now that you are aware of the top features of a good boot, mentioned below are the best pairs available in the market today. You will get a full review of each of them, along with customer feedback.

We did the work and are glad to present what we have found to you, our loyal readers! In this article we will go over the highest-rated bushcraft boots.

Also, we will give situations in which you might need these types of boots and tell you which would be better-suited for some situations over others. So get your pen and paper ready because here we go!

Best Overall:
Kamik Men's Winter Boot

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  • Has a Synthetic Rubber Sole 
  • A Drawstring at the Very Top Line 
  • Waterproof to Keep Your Feet Dry and Warm
  • These Boots are Made Out of 600 Denier Nylon, Which is Good-Quality Material
  • Great for Cold Weather as They Feature a Removable Thermal Guard Liner


  • They Lack an Insole 
  • Slightly Heavy 
  • The Fit of These Boots is Not True to Size 

What Recent Buyers Report

Most users enjoy using this product. They also admire the fact that it is true to its purpose and keeps you warm in very cold temperatures. These are great snow boots that provide ample space for your feet to move freely and maximize comfort. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

The best feature of this product is that they make for great snow boots. They will surely keep your feet warm when you’re out on cold, wintry mornings. Moreover, they are also waterproof to ensure that your feet don’t get wet due to rain or snow. 

The traditional Kamik Men's Boot is a simple hiking boot that will take you out into the wilderness, but know that this boot can really take you anywhere. These basic boots will be able to hike all the trails,  cross the streams,  and stomp around a work site.

Wear these when you are on the move or pack them up for anywhere that you travel. When you want to make the most of that big trip you are taking, bring the Kamik boot along.

Who Will Use This Most 

These are great for people who live in mountainous regions or those planning a trip to the Rocky Mountains where it often goes down to freezing temperatures. They make for comfortable footwear for different outdoor activities such as snow shoveling, sledding, snowmobiling, ice fishing, etc.  

Bottom Line

In short, these snow boots are a good choice of footwear if you are planning a trip to colder regions and need to keep your feet dry and warm. They are made of high-quality materials and therefore, are bound to last for a long time. 

Timberland Euro Hiker

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  • Work Well for Extreme Outdoor Sports 
  • They Are Also Made Out of 100% Leather, Ensuring Durability
  • The Item Also Has Rubber Soles for Maximum Traction on Any Surface
  • They Feature a Padded Collar and Tongue for Better Fit Around the Ankle
  • These are From Timberland, One of the Most Popular Names Known for Incredible Quality


  • Do Not Work Well as Snow Boots 
  • May Not Qualify as the Right Hiking Boots 
  • The New Euro Hiker Design is Not as Comfortable as the Original Version

What Recent Buyers Report 

Most users enjoy the high-quality feel and appearance of this pair. Timberland has long been known for its amazing products and people continue to trust it and invest in their shoes. Apart from a few setbacks of the new design, this product is largely well-received by the users. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

This item has great feedback solely due to its optimum quality. The brand name is enough to assure users they are buying the best pair out there. With its complete leather construction with rubber soles, it provides maximum comfort, as well as durability. 

The Timberland Euro Hiker is a great boot because it has a low ankle, which will make it feel like you are wearing a sneaker. These boots are going to get you around much better when walking, and you can wear them around town when you want to dress casually.

The casual style of the boot is going to help you live the lifestyle you want and you get to enjoy the best of life because these boots are ready when you are. This is a big deal because you only need to slip on one pair of shoes anytime you leave the house.

Who Will Use This Most 

These boots can be used in many different ways. They are equipped with advanced technology and are designed for outdoor activities such as multi-day backpacking, lightweight hiking, etc. Not only this, but they also make for good daily footwear and would work well as casual boots. 

Bottom Line

These Timberland Euro Hikers are a good choice when it comes to light hiking or other similar lightweight activities. However, they are not true hiking boots and may not be suitable for that. Apart from that, they can also be used as a fashion statement to amp up your overall look. 

Best for the Money:
Kamik Fargo Boot

No products found.


  • Reasonably Priced 
  • Also, They Have a Comfortable Antimicrobial Footbed
  • 100% Synthetic Boots are -40F Temperature-Rated
  • Equipped With Rubber Soles to Make Them Waterproof and Insulated
  • They Carry a Moisture-Wicking Lining and 200g Thinsulate Insulation


  • These Boots Run Large 
  • May Run Short on the Sizing 
  • Slightly on the Heavier Side 

What Recent Buyers Report 

Many customers liked these boots by Kamik and enjoyed wearing them. Most say that they have a snug fit and are fairly comfortable to wear. They are also waterproof, which makes them perfect for walking through heavy piles of snow. However, a few users complained about the lack of insulation on the bottom. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

The most prominent feature of this item is that they stay really warm throughout. They are equipped with layers of insulation to serve their purpose. Moreover, since they are waterproof as well, they keep the dampness away from your feet. 

The Men's Fargo boot is the best duck boot to wear outside and are the perfect color for wearing around town. People getting dressed for a casual day can wear these and are also ready for any planned or unexpected trip off the beaten path. 

The trail will get your boots dirty, but these duck boots can trek through any watery terrain. Watery terrain will barely get your boots wet and they will still look good when you get off the trail. The versatility will make it easier for you to get dressed everytime you leave the house.

Who Will Use This Most 

These bushcraft boots are largely directed at users that spend time in very cold regions. If you go trekking on cold, rocky mountains, these will be your perfect companion. This is because they are strong, yet comfortable, while also being great at keeping the cold at bay. 

Bottom Line

Overall, these boots by Kamik are a great pick at a very reasonable price point. They perform their function well and are also durable, all of which makes them worth paying the price. 

4. Wolverine Men's Boot

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  • Can Handle Severe Wear and Tear 
  • Oil and Abrasion-Resistant as Well to Ensure Durability
  • Made Out of Full-Grain Leather to Ensure High Quality
  • The Rubber Sole Keeps the Bottom Waterproof
  • They Are Also Equipped With Anti-Slip Technology to Prevent Slips


  • Not All Users may Enjoy the Design of This Item
  • The Boots Have a Wide Shaft That Makes Movement Uncomfortable

What Recent Buyers Report 

The Wolverine Line of boots is renowned and has many loyal users all over the world. They are said to be extremely comfortable and have a good fit, as well as being durable. Also, they are priced at just the right amount that is surely worth the length of time one can get out of them. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

The best feature of this pair has to be its incredible quality. It is made out of a strong material that will surely last long and give you great value for your money. Moreover, being very comfortable, many users find themselves going back to this design again and again. 

The Wolverine Men's Boot is the perfect work boot when you do not want to spend too much money. The money you are spending on your boots will help you go to work every day safely, and to make the most of your work day with this quality footwear. 

Each day you spend at work will be much more comfortable and these boots will also protect your feet when you head out for some fun off-road activities. Take them on the trail and then wear them back to work on Monday.

Who Will Use This Most 

These are great for anyone and everyone. However, those who don’t go easy on the boots can definitely rely on this pair to last for a long time. These are great for everyday activities and for hiking and heavy backpacking.

Bottom Line

This Wolverine Bushcraft Boots are a fan favorite and have plenty of satisfied users. They are extremely comfortable and provide a good fit. They can endure a serious amount of wear and tear and still look good as new. 

5. Garmont T8 Bifida Tactical Boot

No products found.


  • Affordable Price Tag 
  • Very Easy to Clean, as Well
  • Extremely Comfortable Pair of Boots
  • Offer Great Support to Ankle and Calves 
  • Very Resilient and Can Handle Tough Terrains Well


  • Manufacturing is Not Durable 
  • Pressure Points at the Tongue
  • Sizes Run Narrow and Require Sizing Up

What Recent Buyers Report 

Plenty of buyers have nothing but good things to say about these boots. They have a great outward appearance and look really good when wearing them. Moreover, they are very comfortable to use and seem to provide a good fit with their precise shaping. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

A unique feature of this pair is that they are very tough and can withstand harsh conditions without undergoing any harm themselves. The pair also provides maximum support to your feet to aid for easy mobility and for the best overall experience. 

Who Will Use This Most 

Although these boots are a great pick for just about anyone who needs a good, durable pair, they are particularly great for soldiers and those in tactical activities. They provide fantastic grip and support with excellent comfort, even on steep hills and mud. They are also quite easy to clean and last for a long time.

Bottom Line

In short, these make for a good investment, especially for people who tend to be on their feet a lot and require a lot of use out of their footwear. They also have a reasonable price, which makes them the perfect pair for those on a budget. 

Why Should I Get New Bushcraft Boots?

You know you need to get a new pair of boots when your older ones are just not doing their job anymore. This creates the need to find a pair that will perform exceptionally well while also providing value for your money. Here are more reasons why you should find a pair to purchase:

Your Feet Remain Dry and Warm.

Most of the bushcraft boots mentioned on this list are either waterproof or heavily padded/insulated. Both of these play a direct role in keeping your feet dry and warm. There are often times when you may find yourself walking through puddles or huge piles of snow, thus picking a good pair can help you get through it all with the utmost ease. 

High-Quality Boots Are Durable and Reliable. 

There is no denying that the better the quality of an item, the longer it tends to last. Similarly, selecting a pair of bushcraft boots from the ones mentioned in this review means that you have found yourself a quality item. These boots are made from high-grade materials and have excellent stitching. All of this accounts for them staying in good condition for a long time assuring both durability and reliability. 


Certain items are required when out in the wild, and foot protection definitely falls into this category.The boots you decide to purchase need to be just the right size and style for your feet. You can find something that will make your feet feel amazing, and feel good no matter where you go.

You need to have the best kind of work shoes for your feet so your feet can be comfortable and protected every time you leave the house. The boots you choose should feel good and be so comfortable that your actual lifestyle will have changed.

If you find a pair like this, all your hikes and work days will go much better.

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