Best AR-15 Flashlights – 2020 Complete Round-up

A really important part of any rifle is the flashlight. Adding the proper flashlight to a rifle can increase the functionality greatly, especially when we talk about the AR-15. A good flashlight can make all the difference.  However, one is left wondering which one to choose among the vast choices present in the market.  To make it … Read more

Best Bug Out Backpacks of 2020 – Large Bags for When the SHTF

This question is sort of a-kin to asking “how long is a piece of string?”, we won’t know which is the best backpack for a bug out bag until we know your situation and limitations. So let’s get into that and make sure you’re ready to bug out when the shtf or teotwawki or maybe … Read more

Best Tactical Shotguns of 2020 – Complete Guide

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Best Pistol Shooting Gloves of 2020 – Padded Recoil Protectants

This won’t happen again, you mutter to yourself as you walk away from the range. It might have been raining a bit that day, or maybe the cold weather got to your bare skin. Either way, you don’t want to suffer the humiliation of missing multiple targets. I mean, heaven forbid that kind of inaccuracy … Read more

Best Glock 19 Concealed Carry Holsters – 2020 Buyer’s Guide

When you own one of the best-selling concealed carry handguns on the market, it’s pretty obvious that there will be many options for holsters for that weapon. But which one is the best, as in truly the best? We’ve scoured the web and been in contact with military vets, law enforcement officers, defense contractors, and a … Read more