Best Universal Sight Pushers of 2020 – Complete Review

| Last Updated: January 14, 2022

The world of guns is incredibly vast. It can be extremely easy to forget there are things other than powerful firearms and their accessories you can invest in. You can spend a fortune on the best optics and sights, but they’ll be of no use if they’re not properly installed. If you have purchased the best Glock sight available on the market, then it’s essential you purchase a sight pusher tool, as well.

However, choosing the right model can be extremely difficult and time-consuming. To help gun owners with their decision, this guide includes detailed reviews of some of the best universal sight pushers, the aspects to consider, and the pros and cons of using them.

So, make sure you stick through till the end before finalizing your purchase!

Comparison of the Best Universal Sight Pushers

  • Best overall product that is compatible with just about every handgun slide
  • Fantastic tool that comfortably changes or adjusts both front and rear sights
  • Made from durable and high-grade Billet aluminum
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  • Runner-up product on our list due to its excellent performance in adjusting, removing or installing dovetail front and rear sights
  • Designed with reference marks to ensure precise adjustments
  • Aluminum frame and steel components reinforce durability
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  • Best for the money because of its economical price
  • Smooth and accurate adjustment of sights
  • Can be used to install various sights without any glitch
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  • Advanced sight pusher tool for which boosts unparalleled performance
  • Durable design constructed with 6061 aluminum blocks
  • Universal product that can adjust, push, or remove sights on any handgun
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  • Fits all Springfields, Sigs, and Glock models, and almost every other handgun designed
  • Manufactured with 6061 aluminum and an advanced matte black finish
  • Does not require extra block sets to grip the slide
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What is a Sight Pusher?

Once you’ve purchased your sight, you might face an incredibly annoying problem. The scope might not sit right, causing it to not work properly. This is where you need a sight pusher. A sight pusher basically makes adjustments to the scope, enabling users to install it to their gun properly.

The unit is quite simple and extremely easy to use, as well. It’s a metallic fixture that enables users to adapt their scope to several different models and types of firearms. A universal model gives more freedom than a model-specific one. So, if you’re planning on only purchasing one tool, it’s advisable to buy a universal sight pusher.

When Would You Use a Sight Pusher?

If you’re a gun enthusiast, having a sight pusher in your arsenal is essential. An indispensable tool for individuals looking to swap, adjust, and remove sights, it performs the following functions:

Push the Sights Easily

Installing, adjusting, and removing sights on handguns is extremely difficult, especially if you don’t own the right tools. A lot of force is needed to install Glock front and rear sights. A sight pusher ensures the sight is firmly mounted on the firearm and the knobs and cranks can be easily and quickly turned without slipping.

Accommodates a Wide Range of Guns

Universal sight pushers are more adaptable and versatile compared to bespoke models. The metallic fixture is designed with mounting blocks that enable users to adapt the fixture to several different gun makes and models.

Makes Adjusting the Scope Easier

Sight pushers make moving the sights incredibly easy and virtually eliminate the need for applying thousands of pounds of pressure. Some models are also equipped with an anchoring ability that improves usability, makes adjustments more accessible, and enables users to have a more stable experience.

How to Choose a Universal Sight Pusher

Although universal sight pushers are incredibly simple tools, there are some features you should consider before making your purchase. To ensure you don’t end up wasting your money, here are some aspects to look out for when buying the best one:


While universal sight pushers are designed to work with every gun and sight, this is not always the case. Since the world of firearms is so vast, no model is truly universal. So, make sure the model you choose works with the guns you have.

Universal Handgun Sight Pusher


Durability is an essential aspect to consider before making any decision, and universal sight pushers are no exception. It’s advisable to choose a model that’s manufactured with high-quality materials. Aluminum or stainless steel are excellent choices as they’re extremely durable. They are also capable of handling constant pressure when making adjustments. Lastly, it’s better to avoid units designed with plastics or other inferior materials.

Safe to Use

Sight pushers should be safe to use around firearms. Since users will be adjusting the scope and the gun itself, it’s essential that the unit is of the highest quality. It’s not advisable to use a cheap model when you’re working with a weapon.

Review of the Best Universal Sight Pushers

Since sight pushers are incredibly simple tools, it’s extremely difficult to find a reliable and good model. To help narrow down your options, here are detailed reviews of some of the best universal sight pushers available today. Read on to find the unit that best suits your needs!

Best Overall:
Universal Handgun Sight Pusher


  • Does not require extra blocks to grip the sides of the slide
  • Firmly grips all the sides of the slide to prevent it from moving
  • Comes with useful instructions that help prevent scratching the slide    
  • Ensures easy removal, adjustment, and replacement of various sights
  • Fits Glocks, Springfields, Sigs, and even Beretta 92fs with complete ease


  • May not work with some guns

What Recent Buyers Report

Some buyers report that they were hesitant and nervous about buying this product. However, when they used it, the sight moved with practically no effort, and there was no mark whatsoever on the slide or the sight. They were pleasantly surprised by its excellent performance and claim they do not know what makes this product different but wished that they had bought one,years ago.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This is a great tool for people who own guns. Its versatility and ease of use are what sets it apart from all other sight pushers available. We are particularly impressed with its solid aluminum build, which ensures this product will serve you for a long time. Moreover, it is able to remove and adjust the sights of various handguns without any difficulty, which is a great plus-point.

Who Will Use This Most

This is a lightweight and versatile product. The screws turn easily and do not require much pressure, thus making the product easier to use for everyone. This tool is best for people who own an M&P Shield, Springfield, Sig, or Glock – in fact; it can be used by almost all gun owners to simplify the process of adjusting their sights.

Bottom Line

The Universal Handgun Sight Pusher is a well-machined, handy tool that is pretty intuitive to use. It ensures you can easily replace or adjust the sight on your handgun with complete ease. With this product, you can not only save time but conserve your energy, as well.

 Wheeler Engineering Armorer's Handgun Sight Tool


  • Sight prong is reversible to hold Glock slides
  • Additional top clamp is an added security precaution
  • Versatile product works on almost all semi-auto pistols
  • Four independent positioning clamps hold the sight securely
  • Firmly holds the sights while ensuring they do not break or bend


  • Some people find that this product does not hold the pistol sights rigidly enough

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers find this sight tool to be an absolutely flawless product with outstanding build and performance. This user-friendly product is designed with guidelines that make it easier for them to keep the sights in place. They particularly love the measurement markings along the front of the tool, as it allows them to make accurate adjustments.

Why it Stands Out to Us  

We feel this product is absolutely necessary for gun owners as it allows them to make micro-adjustments to their sights easy and simple, whether you want to remove, adjust, or install dovetail pistol sights. It is a precision-machined unit that works great on all semi-automatic pistols without compromising on safety.

Who Will Use This Most

This tool was designed to be a professional product that can be used in place of various proprietary or platform-specific sight adjustment tools by gunsmiths and gun care experts. It is a solid, sturdy, and simple tool that can also be safely used by gun owners and shooters who like to make adjustments to their guns all by themselves.  

Bottom Line

This is essentially a vice that boosts a series of adjustable clamps that make the task of adjusting the sight of any handgun very simple. If you want a quality tool that will be with you for a long time, this sight pusher is the right option for you.  

Best for the Money:
D.D.Machine Handgun sight pusher tool


  • Durable build ensured by 4140 tool steel
  • Lower cost tool for removal of the rear sight
  • Particularly designed for square-sided slides
  • Detailed instructions provided with the product
  • Compatible with all models of 1911s and Glocks


  • Not a good product for front sights

What Recent Buyers Report

Many buyers feel this product is underpriced and they would willingly pay more money for such an outstanding product. They find the detailed instructions that come with this unit to be particularly helpful. By following these instructions, they were able to remove the rear sights without any difficulty.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The feature that makes this product stand out is its ability to install taller sights without any trouble. You just need to make some slight height adjustments to the slide so it aligns perfectly with the pusher blocks. We also find its versatility and solid build quite impressive.  

Who Will Use This Most

Whether you need to adjust sights on a Canik, a Glock, or an M&P, this sight pusher is perfect for adjusting or removing the rear sights of almost all models available. The detailed instructions are available in a very simple language, thus making it easier for anyone to follow. With this tool, you can easily and accurately adjust the sights on your handgun.  

Bottom Line

This sight pusher tool is perfect for people who do not want to spend large sums of money on adjusting the rear sights. Its ease of use and excellent functionality make it very popular among gun owners. So, if you want a high-quality sight pusher you can get comfortable without breaking the bank, then the D.D.machine is your best option.

4. Sylvan Universal Sight Push Tool


  • Come with a padded carry case
  • Works great on snake eye-type sights, as well
  • Complete tool available at very economical prices
  • Durable product made with 6061 aluminum blocks
  • Replaces or adjusts sights of guns of various models and makes


  • Not adequately engineered to work on some models

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers have used this product on a number of guns and found its performance extremely satisfactory. It is a universal product, which is able to easily remove, replace, or adjust sights quickly, thus helping users save time and energy. They also love the fact that it comes with a padded carry case which makes it easy to store and transport this product.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This sight pusher is an advanced tool that can be used with different gun models. We find its solid construction and ease of use very helpful for users. In comparison to other sight pushers, this is a complete package available at very attractive prices.

Who Will Use This Most

This product works on almost every handgun, including Glocks, M&P Shield, and the Springfield XD. It is a great product that helps users push out the old sights and install new ones in no time. In addition, it comes with a small drift pin that helps to push the pins out of guns. This helps in disassembly, thus increasing customer convenience.

Bottom Line

The Sylvan sight pusher is an amazing product constructed with a thick, strong 9310 steel frame. It is perfect for installing, uninstalling, and adjusting rear and front dovetail sights on a large number of handguns. It is the only sight tool with specialized pusher blocks that simplify the work of gun owners and gunsmiths.  

5. Aecktech Handgun Sight Pusher Tool


  • Extremely easy and simple to use
  • Firmly grips the slide’s four sides to ensure it doesn’t move
  • Can be used with almost every handgun slide that features dovetail sights
  • Quality steel construction meets the required strength and ensures longevity and durability
  • Even fits firearms with slide-mounted levers, including Beretta 92FS once the lever is removed


  • Does not include any instructions
  • Pushing block might contact the rear housing

What Recent Buyers Report

The majority of buyers loved the Aecktech and found it to be controllable, extremely stable, and easy to use. They stated that they could swap sights easily on multiple handgun models and loved the build quality, as well. They were impressed with the customer service too, with one user stating they received replacement parts overnight. However, some customers were disappointed with the lack of instructions and a usable window, while some reported that the unit did not work for rear sights.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Gripping the slide in four different places, this pusher ensures stability, while exerting thousands of pounds of pressure required to push the sight out of place at the same time. It is also incredibly simple and easy to use and does not need different blocks to adjust the different slides.

Who Will Use This Most

This model is perfect for individuals who need to install sights and adjust them on the range, as well. Because of its compact size, it’s ideal for gun owners looking for a simple and quick sight pushing tool for their range bag. The unit can further accommodate almost every slide available,  including models designed with slide-mounted safety, like the Beretta 92.

Bottom Line

All in all, this Aecktech sight pusher certainly deserves a place on our list of top picks. It’s compact enough to fit in a range bag, is easy and simple, and can be used with over dozens of firearms. However, the lack of instructions might make it difficult for some.

Pros and Cons of Universal Sight Pushers

Although universal sight pushers are essential accessories that help install, adjust, and remove sights on a handgun, they have some disadvantages, as well.


Along with enabling safe and effective adjustment, removal, and installation of sights, sight pushers have other advantages as well, which include:

Better Accuracy

Sight pushers enable users to easily adjust their sight with minimal efforts, thus, allowing them to shoot with higher accuracy and better precision.

Preserves the Firearm’s Life

Sight pushers help ensure proper installation of the sight. If the sight is not fitted correctly, it can result in bad scoping, and even parts or pieces flying off when you’re shooting. 

Saves Time, Energy, and Money

A lot of force is required to install Glock sights properly, particularly the rear sight. A sight pusher ensures that the sight is mounted firmly on the firearm and makes it easier to turn the knobs and cranks. By making adjustments more accessible, they help save time and energy. It further saves users the hassle of going to a gunsmith to get their sights installed.


However, sight pushers have some disadvantages, as well. Some of these include:

Can Damage the Firearm

Cheaper models can actually do more harm than good. A single falter can permanently damage the sight or the weapon. Low-quality units can also scratch the firearm’s surface, even if they are heat or chemically treated.


Choosing the best universal sight pusher is no easy task. Hopefully, this guide will help you find the model that best suits your needs. Although we found the universal sight pusher by to be the best model available today, make sure you go through all the aforementioned reviews before finalizing your purchase!