Best Mini 14 Scopes of 2020 – Complete Review

| Last Updated: January 15, 2022

Accuracy is arguably the most valuable feature of any firearm. The Mini 14 rifle is well-known for its sturdiness and precision. While some shooters might consider scopes on a Mini 14 rifle merely a luxury, they actually are not.

Having the right scope on your Mini 14 rifle can help you improve your accuracy level at the maximum distance.

Read on to find the most reliable scopes for your Mini 14 rifle, and hopefully, by the end of this guide, you will find the perfect scope for your firearm.

Comparison Chart of the Best Mini 14 Scopes 

  • Dual illumination to add on versatility
  • Large field of view to point the target easily
  • Emerald coating for enhanced light transmission
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  • Comes with a 40mm objective lens
  • Magnification levels range from 3 to 9 times
  • BDC reticle to allow accuracy and precise shooting
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  • Best for the money
  • 32mm objective lens for precise targeting
  • Fiber optics to allow maximum transmission of light
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  • Best scope for Mini 14 Ranch rifle
  • 24mm objective lens for a bright view
  • Suitable for targeting even from 800 yards distance
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  • Best scope for Mini 14 tactical
  • Consistent and easy adjustments
  • Emerald coated lenses to enhance the transmission of light
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Can Any Scope Be Used on a Mini 14?

You will find a huge range of optics compatible with the Mini 14 rifle. A Mini 14 rifle is a great replacement for the AR-15 and is compatible with the same 5.56 ammunition range. This rifle is capable of shooting at 150 yards without any aid of optics.

However, in order to explore the limits and enhance the performance of this rifle, it can be combined with a great scope so you can easily hit the target from up to 350 yards. A scope with 12x magnification works great for long-range hunting, while a model having 5-12X magnification is perfect for mid-range shooting. Therefore, it ultimately comes down to your expectations.

What Size Scope Do I Need?

The size of the scope you should opt for completely depends on your requirements. In case you want a lightweight model with enhanced precision, you should go for a compact model that can be handled easily and does not take much time to install.

The size of the scope is highly influenced by the size of the objective lens. A lens with greater magnification is a bit larger and allows for maximum transmission of light, making it suitable to use in ambient lighting conditions. However, large-sized scopes are incorporated with some advanced features and special circuits to allow uninterrupted illumination with a large field of view. 

How to Choose a Scope For a Mini 14

Choosing the right scope for your Mini 14 rifle can be a really tough task as you come across a variety of remarkable scopes in the market. Well, let's help you here. In this section, we have laid down a couple of significant characteristics that combine to provide a high-quality scope that can be used for various applications.

Quality Construction

One of the major attributes of a great scope is that it is always constructed from quality materials, such as aluminum. Such scopes are capable of taking shocks and impacts produced by recoils with high efficiency. Plus, the increased quality of the scope makes it more durable than one manufactured from cheaper elements.


It is important to own a scope that is fog-resistant and weather-resistant so you can use it in the morning or evening without any problem. This exceptional feature reduces the chances of lens damage and blurry view to a great extent.

Ease of Installation

Another important feature of the ideal scope is that it is very easy to install and does not require too much struggle by the user. It can be set up in a few minutes with the aid of little to no tools.


While quality scopes can be really expensive, you can find a great scope with all the necessary features at a reasonable price, as well. However, you are always advised to consider the quality of scope over the price in order to avoid any regrets in the future.

Review of the Best Mini 14 Scopes

Above were the key features to look for whenever you intend to purchase a scope for your Mini 14 Rifle. Moving forward, we have designed a detailed review of some of the best-known scopes that work brilliantly with Mini 14 rifle and are worth the investment.

Best Overall:
UTG 3-9X32 1" BugBuster Scope


  • Image quality is quite sharp
  • Impressive eye relief to mark perfection
  • Attractive design with improved features
  • Weather-proof to withstand tough conditions
  • Durable construction that is meant to last long


  • A bit bulky
  • An expensive model
  • Some adjustments require struggle at times

What Recent Buyers Report

All users of this product are quite happy with its performance; therefore, it makes its way to the best overall position. They report that it helped in improving their shooting capabilities. Plus, the design of this scope is extremely durable and does not require frequent maintenance and replacement.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This amazing scope is considered one of the most reliable scopes for your Mini 14 rifles for a number of reasons. Firstly, it is manufactured from quality materials to improve the longevity of the model, plus it is user-friendly. Similarly, there is dual red/green illumination to make it useful for multiple purposes. Lastly, it is completely fog-resistant and weather-sealed to add on to perfection.

Who Will Use This Most

One of the most efficient scopes for a variety of purposes, this model perfectly goes with your Mini 14 rifle. You can use it in targeting and hunting situations to hunt down your prey in no time. Moreover, the emerald coating enhances light transmission, which makes this scope useful even in low-light conditions.

Bottom Line

An extraordinary model with exceptional features, this scope is built to serve the user in the long run. Not only is the design sturdy, but the functionality also makes it perfect for hunting experiences. Regardless of your requirements, this scope is meant to provide faithful and dependable services to its users.

 Nikon P-223 3-9x40 Mate BDC 600


  • Image quality is top-notch
  • Composed of polymers to enhance durability
  • Capable of reaching target 600 yards far away
  • Slim and sleek design to give an appealing look
  • Easily withstand the bad impact of weather and environment


  • BDC reticle bubbles are small
  • Might get blurry in ambient light
  • Not suitable for those on a tight budget

What Recent Buyers Report

New customers of this scope are very impressed with the image quality they get with this model. One of the most appreciated things is the sleek, durable construction that makes it stand out. Similarly, it is very efficient in shooting, even from pretty good distances without disappointing the hunter even once.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This scope from Nikon mainly stands out to us for its attractive design and super-durable construction that is capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions like a pro. Similarly, there is an incorporation of a BDC reticle that helps you shoot accurately. Lastly, the spring-loaded adjustment knob helps you achieve desired adjustments easily.

Who Will Use This Most

A very user-friendly scope with complete compatibility with Mini 14 rifle, this is a perfect option for your hunting adventures. Moreover, you can use it for targeting purposes as well, thanks to its long-range functionality to allow shooting from even a 600-yard distance. Moreover, the image quality is highly impressive, which makes it quite popular among new buyers.

Bottom Line

One of the finest scopes for Mini 14 rifle, this model, with its polymeric construction is durable enough to withstand impacts of bad weather conditions very well. Moreover, the high magnification and great reticle help you achieve on-point targeting during your hunting adventures. Overall, this model is user-friendly and reliable for multiple applications.

Best for the Money:
 CRUSHUNT 4x32 Scope Hunting RifleScopes


  • Nicely designed to give an attractive look
  • Weather-sealed to ensure harsh conditions
  • Fiber optics increase its use in ambient light
  • Chevron reticle to help you achieve accurate shooting
  • Finely constructed from heavy-duty aluminum to make it last long


  • Lacks impressive eye relief
  • Relatively small objective lens
  • Installation might be a struggle

What Recent Buyers Report

This model has gotten the attention of many new customers with its attractive price tag. Plus, the efficient performance has satisfied most of the users out there. The most loved quality is its sturdy aluminum construction that is fog-resistant as well to allow you to continue shooting, even in bad weather conditions.

Why it Stands Out to Us

In case you are looking for a great scope to go with your Mini 14 rifle but do not want to spend tons of money, then you should definitely get your hands on this model. It is manufactured from high-end aluminum and incorporates a chevron reticle to hunt down your prey with maximum precision. Moreover, the body is completely weather-resistant, enhancing its reliability.

Who Will Use This Most

With an affordable price tag, this scope is the most suitable option for budget-conscious people out there. Moreover, the sturdy and fine construction makes it suitable for use on the field without any tension. You can easily employ this scope with your Mini 14 rifles for hunting and targeting purposes.

Bottom Line

Another great product on the list and at a very reasonable price, this scope ensures perfection when it comes to hunting. The design is extremely durable, plus the performance is quite superior. In short, it is nearly impossible to get a better model packed with exceptional features at such a price.

Best Scope for Mini 14 Ranch Rifle:
 TRUGLO TRU-Brite 30 Series


  • The design gives a nice appearance
  • Easy adjustments to make it user-friendly
  • Sturdy construction to improve durability
  • Works for long-distance shooting purposes
  • Wide field of view for an enhanced experience


  • Installation takes time
  • Relatively pricey model
  • Not suitable for beginners

What Recent Buyers Report

This product has earned great ratings from the customers due to its quality services. They are highly impressed with the fine aluminum construction that is meant to serve the user in the long run. Plus, the range is quite striking, and you can shoot the target even from an 800-yard distance, which is attractive for many hunters out there.

Why it Stands Out to Us

With a 24mm objective lens, this scope is known for its bright sight and easy adjustments. It is manufactured from high-end aircraft aluminum to combat tough conditions very well. Moreover, there is an incorporation of pre-calibrated BDC turrets so you can effectively hunt down your prey even from a long distance of 800 yards.

Who Will Use This Most

Extremely fast and accurate in its operation, this scope goes perfectly with your Mini 14 Ranch Rifle for achieving a number of purposes. It is undoubtedly a suitable option for long-distance targeting, thanks to the improved features. Moreover, you can use this scope for hunting with high precision. 

Bottom Line

In case you want a reliable scope for your Mini 14 Ranch Rifle, then look no further. This scope, with aluminum construction, has everything you have been looking for. Whether we talk about design or the high-end objective lens, this scope won’t do you wrong in the hour of need.

Best Scope for Mini 14 Tactical:
 UTG 3-12X44 30mm Compact Scope


  • Design is extremely compact and user-friendly
  • Uninterrupted illumination for precise hunting
  • Nitrogen filled to make it withstand tough conditions
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty to guarantee reliability
  • Composed of fine materials to ensure durable construction


  • Might get blurry
  • Heavy on the pocket
  • Some minor concerns over quality

What Recent Buyers Report

Just like our other top models, this scope has also succeeded in winning the confidence of most of the customers out there. They report that the design is extremely compact, which enhances its portability. Plus, it is suitable for hunting, thanks to the emerald coating on the lens, which helps in achieving a bright view.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This scope is filled to the brim with a great set of features, including fine construction, which is capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions on the field. Plus, there is an incorporation of the special circuit, which reduces the chances of interruption in illumination during targeting sessions. In the end, you get to enjoy a lifetime warranty on the scope.

Who Will Use This Most

It is an ideal option for those who do not want to take along heavy bags during their hunting adventures. It is highly compact, which increases the portability of this scope. The image quality is great, which makes it just the right option to achieve highly accurate targeting and hunting with maximum precision.

Bottom Line

With a great 36-color reticle, this scope is all about quality, reliability, and durability. The design is compact, plus resistant to tough weather conditions. Similarly, the objective lens is fully emerald-coated to help you get a bright view with the enhanced light transmission so you can continue hunting even in low-light conditions.

What Do I Need to Know Before Buying?

Adding an efficient scope to your Mini 14 rifle will help you get the best out of your rifle, as you can extend the limits and capabilities. Whenever you are in the market to shop for the best scope to go with your Mini 14 rifles, you are always recommended to consider some key factors that could be really helpful in making a valued purchase.

Magnification Power

One of the foremost factors to consider is the magnification power of the scope. For your Mini 14 rifle, even a low-powered scope will do you fine. However, if you want to use the scope to enhance your hunting experience, then you must opt for a mid-range scope.


It is important to know that the Mini 14 rifle is semi-automatic; therefore, you must mount it on a solid base in order to avoid losing its zero with every burst shot. Normally, you can easily find a number of mounts for these scopes. However, for a Mini 14 rifle, you are advised to go for a solid scope mount to ensure security. 

Lens Coating

Another significant factor to consider is the lens coating, which is highly useful in avoiding glare and reflection. This way, you are guaranteed to achieve a brighter picture that ultimately leads to precise shooting.


The market is overflowing with a range of scopes suitable for the Mini 14 rifle. However, not all of them are built to ensure quality service. Hopefully, this detailed review of some of the best-known scopes for the Mini 14 rifle can be helpful in simplifying your hunt and enhancing the potential of your firearm. Make sure to go through the buying guide to get enough knowledge about the ideal scope that works well with a Mini 14 rifle.

People Also Ask

A Mini 14 rifle is used by a lot of people to ace their targeting and shooting experience. Some of the users and new customers are interested in the operation of this wonderful weapon. Therefore, in this section, we have tried to answer some of the frequently asked queries of people in order to help them in getting the best out of the product.

How Far Can a Mini 14 Shoot Accurately?

A Mini 14 rifle comes with an effective range of 200 yards without using any optic. In other words, you can shoot the target even from a 200-yard distance with maximum accuracy. However, this range can be extended to even 350 yards by incorporating a great scope with the rifle.

Can a Ruger Mini 14 Use AR Mags?

No, AR mags can’t be used with Ruger Mini 14. These mags are manufactured from steel and do not fit the Ruger appropriately, as these were introduced after the Mini 14. This weapon is not designed to accept AR magazines, as the Colt design of these magazines does not go with Ruger's Mini 14 design.

What’s the Difference Between a Mini 14 and a Ranch Rifle?

The Ranch Rifle is equipped with details at the top of the receiver. They are important for accepting the Ruger scope rings. Plus, a Ranch Rifle embodies a Lyman-style dovetail peep sight. On the other hand, a Mini-14 comes with a rear sight, plus it requires additional hardware for proper installation. The major difference between both rifles is the receiver.