Best 1-8x Scopes of 2020 – Complete Round-up

| Last Updated: January 15, 2022

If you are into hunting or shooting matches, you may know how important a good, quality scope is for your rifle. It will give you more magnification power and a clear view to your target.

The scope market offers you several different variants of the product, making it difficult to choose the best one. 

This article breaks down the features of some of the top 1-8x scopes to help you pick the right one based on your needs.

Comparison Chart of the Best 1-8x Scopes

  • Includes illuminated reticle
  • Offers superior quality lenses
  • Comes with easy adjustments
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  • Has a mill dot reticle
  • High-quality lenses coated with emerald
  • Body is made to be durable against several elements
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  • Shock and weather resistant
  • Best 1-8 scope for the money
  • BDC reticles with etched glass
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  • Best Bushnell 1-8 scope
  • Fine optic design with HD clarity
  • Multi-coated lens for fine light transmission
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When Would a 1-8x Scope Come in Handy?

Before reviewing scopes of different brands, we will first discuss some of the top uses of these products:

Enhanced Precision and Accuracy

Precision and accuracy are essential when it talking about targets for rifles and shooting. You try to make sure that with limited attempts and time, you can strike your target. Many people have times when they're not fortunate or lucky, but this is exactly when scopes play their part in making it easier for someone to ensure precision. The right scope for your rifle increases the levels of accuracy and chances of any missed shots.

Longer Range

The range is one of the most important factors in shaping one's overall shooting experience. Shooters may not be confident without an idea of range while aiming at the target, as they may be too near or too far from their target to even stand much of a chance. The insufficiency of such knowledge will only throw the person using the rifle into a dangerous situation that could even cost them their lives. The scope of rifles gives them a longer range that enables shooters enough time to lock their target before pulling the trigger.

Increased Distance From the Target

Everyone investing in a rifle will also be interested in expanding the distance from where they are aiming their shots. Being able to hit your target from a long distance is a fun experience. Trying to aim at the target without a scope from a distance will lead to failure, and will only waste your bullets, time, and energy. A scope enables your targets to be closer to you, leading to a higher rate of success and greater ease when shooting from a distance.

Characteristics of Our Favorite 1-8x Scopes

Before buying a scope for your rifle, you must take into consideration the following characteristics that can help you make the right choice:

The Build

Those having single-piece structures are the perfect scopes. It means that a single piece of metal must be used to create the scope frame. It helps a great deal to provide the scope with long-term endurance and power to benefit the user. The scope's body must also be built of high-quality materials. The quality of materials is what defines the quality of the scope and its level of accuracy.

Convenience of Use

The way a scope helps users handle certain changes will determine how easy it is to use it during rough hunting situations. Hence, it is quite important to choose a model that does not cause any trouble in making adjustments while keeping the eye at the target.

Type of Reticle

The reticle of the scope determines the level of accuracy and precision for your rifle while shooting at the target. The magnification depends on the reticles of different ranges. Hence, you can choose the right option from a variety of reticles in different scopes offered by manufacturers to suit your preferences.

Magnification Power

Magnification involves the range in which the naked eye's vision can be expanded. This is highly dependent on your preferences, implying, that for a huntsman who needs to hit moving targets within 100 yards, a scope of 3-9x will be a great option. On the other hand, if you want to hit your target just right from a distance of up to 750 yards, a lens with a greater magnification range like 5-30x may suit your needs.

Review of the Best 1-8x Scopes

To make it easy for you to choose the perfect scope for your rifle, we have reviewed some of the best 1x8 scopes with their main features, pros, and cons.

Best Overall:
Trijicon AccuPower 1-8x28


  • Offers a very clear and broad view of the field
  • Best suited for a target with rapid movement
  • It can guarantee precision from a very long range
  • You can easily lock and unlock the turret and make other adjustments conveniently
  • High-quality lens that offers light gathering capabilities and mitigates the chances of distortion


  • Its battery life is short
  • Hard to acquire sub MOA groups
  • Center of the reticle is thick, which makes it hard to get a decent shot at a 100-yard distance

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers reported that the scope has a robust and finely built body. Plus, features like locking turrets, fine illumination, and super-clean glass have made it worth their investment. The customer feedback remained quite positive, as they were quite satisfied with the performance of this scope. Hence, they highly recommended the product.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It's hard to find this degree of optical performance at a similar price among its competitive variants. When you shoot on a bright and sunny day, it makes it easy with its anti-reflective glass to keep your vision clear. This scope offers 11 brightness levels and a first focal plane reticle. The option is great if you are monitoring moving targets. The robustness of its body is yet another bonus for this scope. Together with its big size and ease of use, it gives a sturdy feel while using it.

Who Will Use This Most

This product is best suited for all kinds of shooters and hunters. It brings higher levels of accuracy and precision for people who want to shoot in the wild or at moving targets. It’s also for people taking part in a shooting competition who want to make their scoreboard better and for other perilous games.

Bottom Line

This product is a very versatile riflescope that is ideal for strategic shooters, hunting enthusiasts, and those looking for a product for sport applications. It is quite powerful, so even when running and gunning, striking steel, or playing a dangerous game, the product proves to be very handy. This is the type of scope that can offer you an immediate target engagement and also high accuracy at long ranges.

 UTG 1-8X28 30mm CQB/MRC Scope


  • Reticle with etched glass allows you to acquire small targets easily
  • Turrets in this scope smartly balance out the colored illuminations
  • Body is weather-resistant and does not get damaged due to shock, rain, or fog
  • Offers good illumination, which makes it convenient to use at night or in low light
  • Magnification power offers huge relief to your eyes by making tiny details appear clear


  • Has a low battery life
  • It is bulky and oversized
  • Shows some inconsistencies in optical quality while adjusting magnification power

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers are quite satisfied with the purchase of this scope, as it has offered incredible performance. They were very happy with the quality of the lenses used in it. They also reported that the illumination was great, and the glass was crisp and clear. Hence, this scope managed to gain positive feedback from customers.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This could be a good option for people looking for a budget-friendly scope that offers good performance. This scope works with a clear and sharp etched glass reticle, so that small objects can be easily identified. In this sense, the lighting is lauded for being very bright, facilitating rapid acquisition, and making it ideal for use at night or in low light. It also offers ample eye relief in all magnification settings except for 8x.

Who Will Use This Most

This is a versatile riflescope that may suit everyone with a passion for shooting. The product does a great job for hunters in acquiring their moving targets, tactical shooters, people who frequently take part in shooting competitions, and those who are into related perilous games.

Bottom Line

It is an outstanding product which features superior-quality, 1-8X power with an objective lens of 30mm, and a BDC reticle for close and distant shots. If you're searching for a scope that covers the ranges from 0 to 300 yards, the most common distance for rifles, there are few scopes that provide all the functionality this one does. Ultimately, this model has great ratings and customers believed that it offered good value relative to its price.

Best 1-8 Scope for the Money:
Vortex Optics Strike Eagle 1-8x24


  • Offers high power and versatility of features
  • Offers ample eye relief with its high-magnification power
  • Shock, rain, and fog-resistant, hence less likely to damage easily
  • Can store an extra battery in the windage cap that can be easily released
  • Lenses are of high quality and multi-coated to give a clear, crisp picture of the target


  • It has a very tight eye box
  • Illumination during daylight is not so good
  • Difficult to adjust to its reticle in close quarters

What Recent Buyers Report

Some buyers were quite satisfied with the product’s performance and said the glass was very clear, illumination was just right, the scope for zero held quite well, and the quality of caps was decent, as well. However, a few customers reported flaws in its inside eyepiece. Yet, overall, customer feedback remained quite positive.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It is designed with multi-coated lenses to provide a clear and very vivid image to eyes. This is built with an additional battery that can be installed in the windage cap, and from there, you won't have a problem releasing it. This product also offers exceptional eye relief and the rapid focus dial on the eyepiece can ensure that your reticle is continually sharp.

Who Will Use This Most

This model can offer greater precision, improved accuracy, and an increased level of confidence for every kind of gunman. It’s suitable for people who like taking part in shooting competitions to increase their position on the scoreboard. Hunters can achieve a rapid target focus while aiming at wild creatures, and people interested in perilous games can also get good output from it.

Bottom Line

Considered one of the best scopes from Vortex, this model is popular for its high-quality construction, ability to deliver excellent low-light output, durability, classic design, and optimal performance. Moreover, it offers great chances of having immediate target acquisition in close quarters and you can control 8x power when you need to hit targets, particularly at a distance.

Best Bushnell 1-8x Scope:
Bushnell Tactical Elite SMRS 1-8.5x 24mm


  • Has a high-quality build and a durable design
  • Designed to transition between close and mid-range targets seamlessly
  • Overall finish of the body is incredible with very crisp, strong controls and no defects
  • 11 adjustable settings for illumination to set according to different light conditions
  • No matter how the outer light situations are, the glass gives a very crisp, clear view of the target


  • This scope is quite overweight
  • It has distortion at lower edges
  • User manual provides a vague explanation about reticle at some points

What Recent Buyers Report

According to recent buyers, this scope had everything they could ask for in this price range, including crisp glass, fine turrets, great illumination, and an accurate reticle at all distances. They were a bit disappointed with the user manual, as it did not provide comprehensive explanations. However, they still could not resist recommending the product, as it offered a very decent performance.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The Bushnell SMRS is a first focal plane scope with 1-8.5X power providing an illuminated reticle and wrapped in a 34mm tube. It includes 1/10 MIL lockable turrets, a range of illumination that keeps rising to 11, and capability of fine concentration. All the control buttons are clear, offer great tactility, and on any of the rifles, this scope never loses zero.

Who Will Use This Most

This riflescope targets a huge customer base to offer high precision, better accuracy, and improved magnification power. It can be used in warfare for military purposes, for shooting wild animals while hunting, for shooting competitions, and for other shooting sports for mitigating the chances of missing any shot at the target.

Bottom Line

This product offers amazing HD clarity with its finely designed optics. It has a fine build with high quality and durable materials. With its 11 illumination settings, seamless transition between close and mid-range targets, crisp and clear glass, and strong controls, the product is a bang for the buck.

5 Primary Arms SLX 1-8x24mm


  • Eyepiece of this scope focuses very rapidly
  • 5x5 Mil matrix that ensures high accuracy while shooting
  • Purged with nitrogen and has weather and shock-resistant body
  • Multi-coated lenses that provide users with excellent light transmission
  • Offers eleven brightness settings that can be adjusted according to the user's needs


  • It is a bit bulkier than competitors
  • At a magnification of 8, the field view is narrow
  • Horseshoe at the top may distract users while shooting in CQ training

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers reported that they liked its build quality, as well as the glass clarity. The illumination is quite bright and vivid, and the ACSS works pretty well, both at different ranges and zero magnification. The price also seemed quite reasonable to them, along with its one-year warranty. Overall, the customers were quite satisfied with their purchase and highly recommended the product.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It is one of the strongest 1-8x scopes by Primary Arms because it is built with 8x magnification power that allows users to see their target with maximum clarity. This sturdy scope is designed with finger-adjustable turrets, a rapid focus eyepiece, and red reticle illumination. Similarly, the construction of the second focal plane is user-friendly and durable. The whole construction of the body is sturdy and seems finely built.

Who Will Use This Most

Individuals who like to engage in shooting sports and want to improve their performance can rely on this scope. Those interested in dangerous games can also get great output from it. Meanwhile, huntsmen can obtain a fast target focus when targeting animals that have the tendency of rapid motion.

Bottom Line

This is one of the strongest, most reasonably priced 1-8x scopes. It has been built with contemporary carbines with AR-types in mind. It provides a lot of unique features that make it a viable option for all tactical shooters and hunters. It has a peculiar reticle-finding illuminated spectrum that gives it significant value. It has been designed to be weather and shock-resistant, making it functional in any environmental conditions. Hence, the scope offers quick focus and efficient performance at a fairly modest price.

Pros and Cons of 1-8x Scopes

Before investing in a rifle scope, you should be aware of both the positive and negative aspects of the product. Read on to find out the pros and cons, which may help you make an informed decision.


Here are all the pros of a 1-8x scope:

Increased Confidence

If you use a powerful tool like a rifle, you need to be trained to use it with trust and confidence. For this purpose, you don't only need the best rifle, but also the mind and abilities to use it. An additional feature that will improve your confidence will be a rifle scope. Relying on a scope, along with your rifle, will make you better at hitting the targets and will boost your confidence as a shooter.

Increased Magnification

Incorporating the right scope in your rifle will help you get an increased magnification of your target. This increase in magnification enhances your view to hit right at the target and helps you see all the necessary details more clearly.

Increased Accuracy

The use of a scope with your rifle significantly improves the level of accuracy and precision. This increase in accuracy not only mitigates the chances of missing the shots but also prevents you from wasting your time and bullets.


However, they do have the following limitations:


Typically, scopes are heavy and more voluminous than other options like iron sights. It's less of an issue for a hunter sitting in a tree stand than for someone who has to shoot while walking 5-10 miles a day to hunt in Africa. If you're going to do a great deal of hunting, you'll need to evaluate what your requirements are and equalize them with the type of sighting system you're planning to carry with you.

Delay in Acquiring the Target

It typically takes more time to obtain the target with a scope having greater magnification compared to iron sights. A scope can be more of a liability than an asset when shooting under thick cover, or when the target is inclined to move swiftly.


Manufacturing companies have equipped new models with advanced technology and innovative functions more than any other market segment, and the average shooter has never had such options without a scope. Take a careful look at all the variants mentioned in this article and invest in the one that is best suited to your budget and shooting requirements.

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