How to Find a Bug Out Vehicle for Sale – Informational Guide

| Last Updated: March 28, 2021

We all have that whimsical thought in our head, it's the end of days and we see some skinny prepper climbing into his military grade cargo truck as the world is burning down in the background. And as we watch him drive away to safety we have that thought, "that was a pretty good idea...".

But too late, since we didn't get our vehicle before the SHTF we can deal with marauders and thieves for a while.

Or not. We're here to make sure that if having a vehicle prepped and ready to go is your objective, then by golly we're going to help you out!

But let's lay some ground work before you convince your wife or husband to park on the street so the supply truck can be in the driveway.

First of All, Know Your Needs

If it's just you out in the woods then what are you going to do with a cargo truck filled with supplies. That would just be more to protect, and since you're only one person you can't watch the perimeter of the WHOLE truck 24/7.

So I would just settle for a decent sized humvee or jeep.

Now if you have a whole clan of people relying on you to for transport then go for the big toys! Heck we've seen people who decided they literally needed a bus, so they got one and it works great for their needs.

If You're Going With a Massive Truck

Keep in mind that a vehicle needs more than one person to man it. And that means you're going to need to have two things in this truck, guns and cup holders. Cause it's more fun to drink and drive (drinking your beverage of choice, no police around after all), and having a gun close by just makes you feel better.

But seriously if you're going to get the behemoth of a truck then here's some tips.

  1. Go for the larger fuel tank to cover more distance per fill up
  2. Opt for kevlar canvas covering for added protection and storage safety from elements
  3. Make sure the tires are pretty generic and not specialty one's you'll never find again
  4. Get an engine that runs on alternate fuel, and invest in distiller for fuel such as vegetable oil

The Lone Wolf's Bug Out Vehicle

Again if it's just you then you'll be fine in a jeep or a humvee. All you really should need this vehicle for is to get to a safe point or rally point with potential allies. So bear that in mind as we go over the bare bones of what you'll need as a lone wolf looking for a bug out vehicle for sale.

If it's just you, then custom may be the way to go.

Now Let's Buy That Vehicle

Our buddies over at the prepper journal have a great article here that goes over how to build the perfect bug out vehicle for yourself. Of course they recommend Jeep and Humvee as obvious choices for bug out vehicles, but what they really deliver on is the quality of information in customization of the vehicle.

The title of this article after all how to buy a bug out vehicle, so let's get into it. Just so you know the suppliers of bug out vehicles is pretty low. But the good news is that those selling the vehicles are people who think like us and are more inclined to tailor their products to our desires.

Let's start with Last Stand Survival.

This company does a fantastic job of restoring and repurposing used military vehicles into bug out machines that can take whatever is dished out! If you want a vehicle with a gun turret, winch, armored hood, auxiliary power unit, fuel siphon system, and security camera then they've got it.

And if you already have the 5 ton truck of your bug out dreams, but still want it to be customized like these. Then send it to 'em! They'll load it up with all the options you want for a very reasonable price.

Now we'll look at Big Bug Out Trucks.

From forklifts to tractor trucks these people have got you covered! We glanced over their inventory, and it was clear after the 3rd or 4th option that these weren't just suped up minivans, but these are some butt kicking machines.

And reasonably priced, these great vehicles are the ultimate in value for the consumer.

The videos that Big Bug Out Trucks offers show their toys aren't just for sitting in the driveway as decoration. But they will get out there and challenge some of the most veteran "outdoors" vehicles around!

Big thanks to Big Bug Out Trucks and Last Stand Survival.

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