7 Benefits of Homesteading – 2020 Informational Overview

| Last Updated: February 25, 2021

Like everything else on the internet we've taken a word and given it our own spin on what it should mean, and we should know what it is before we look at the benefits of homesteading. But Webster's Dictionary defines Homesteading as:

a lifestyle of self-sufficiency. It is characterized by subsistence agriculture, home preservation of foodstuffs, and it may or may not also involve the small scale production of textiles, clothing, and craftwork for household use or sale.

Now this may seem a little extreme, especially the part about making your own clothes, but it's really no different from living on a farm. Except that you're not raising the produce and animals to be shipped off to be sold. Instead you keep them and they provide for your families needs.

Not too bad of a deal, right?

Why Would Someone Become a Homesteader?

First of all we need to realize that the future of America seems to be on a crash course and we'll all  likely be back in the pioneer days whether we want to or not. So it would benefit all of us to take the time to learn from those who've learned to truly live.

Having these primal skills to live off of the land, to garden, raise animals and know how to build your own structures would be an invaluable resource! 

To bring to light the amazing benefits that come with starting and maintaining your own homestead we made a list of benefits of homesteading for you and your family. As you'll see, most of these tasks aren't easy, but they're extremely rewarding for the right person.

Builds Work Ethic

There's no greater motivation for work ethic than survival, and realizing that you can't pay a yard man to plant and harvest all your vegetables means that you and your family are now relying on you! That's one heck of a motivator right there. 

You can go into your job day in and day out with a minimal amount of work ethic, put in a mediocre effort and probably get paid a megre for the rest of your life. But is that really living?

On a homestead if you put in a mediocre amount of work you're liable to get little to nothing in return. You'll quickly realize that without a proper amount of work ethic and determination you'll likely not last a full seasonal cycle. Which is great incentive to pick this skill up QUICK!

Self Reliance

Unfortunately it seems we're all depending on someone else in some form or another to meet our needs. If you need proof then look at your refrigerator, how much of that did you directly affect and cause to come into being for your survival?

The answer is none.

On a homestead you have the benefit of being reliant on yourself to make food and all other resources  available. This may sound like a lot of pressure at first, but we also need to realize that you may have paid $8.00 for the seeds to plant your garden and it will yield enough to pay you back a hundred times over if you do it right.

So self reliance is a fantastic thing. You don't have to worry about how you're going to have to pay for something, or who you know that can do this for you, all you have to do is look in the mirror and say "am I willing to do this?". And if the answer is yes then it will be done and done for free!

Appreciation for Life

This is a heavy price that comes with homesteading, but one that many who shop commercially need to grasp. There is a price that's paid for food, whether produce or meat there is a price. And the highest of these prices is paid by the animals that give their lives so that you and your family can eat. 

When you become a homesteader you must take the responsibility of killing the animals that will provide the meat with which you will sustain your family. And this is no small task for anyone with a conscience.

Killing an animal will almost become a sacred act that will be preformed as humanely and quickly as possible. Both for the animals sake and for yours, because no one with a soul wants to watch something suffer in vain.

Greater Sense of Family Purpose

Should you choose to pursue this life you'll quickly realize that without iPads, iPhones, and other iwhatnots that there's not much to do besides look at the person across from you and talk. this gives you the great opportunity to become invested in your family on a deeper level.

And when you all have to work together to accomplish tasks like building a house, making a kill or starting a fire, you all become a little bit closer and more dependent on each other every time. Now that's a wonderful thing for family building!

Increases Awareness/Knowledge

If you had to guess what signs of nature indicate when it's going to rain or you'd lose all of your money how many of you would be able to hold on to a single penny? Not many I'm sure. Because these skills of awareness and observation that our ancestors had were lost somewhere along the way.

Working and living on a homestead will allow you to regain that lost connection and put you a step ahead of others who blankly look at the sky and hope for answers. As someone who will have to work with nature you'll notice certain behaviors that come about when things are about to happen. Like when cows lay down in herds under a tree it means that it might rain soon.

Having grown up in Texas I can attest to the truth of that one.

You'll learn to read nature as if it were a television, you'll notice the subtle changes and what that could mean for the rest of your day. The clouds will become messengers that alert you to an impending danger or a pleasant afternoon.

Health & Wellness Benefits

Also being on a homestead will put you out of reach of most hospitals, meaning that learning self remedies will come in very handy. You'll not want to stray too far away or limit your transportation to a hospital, as being on a homestead may make you more resilient but it won't make you invincible.

However, since you're going to be on a diet that is supplied as God intended, you won't have to worry much about diseases from obesity or chronic medications. You're going to have a much easier life and sense of wellness from eating food directly from the earth and not food that has to pass through 4 processors before it's deemed "safe".

This is what draws most people to the lifestyle of a homesteader, and sometimes people are wrongly thought of as homesteaders just because they have an extensive garden in their backyard. 

Personal Independance

Most of all you're going to be on your own with your family, which is a priceless gift in itself. 

You will get to decide what to do everyday and how you will structure your lifestyle. You'll get to decide how your children learn and what their values are without society placing it's standards on their lives. You will truly be the king of your castle....or cabin.

And in these times when America seems to be on it's last leg, being in charge of your own little piece of land doesn't seem like such a bad idea, right? After all you'll be much more prepared and familiar with your land if the government decides they want your land. Not to say you should bring guns and weapons in order to homestead, but the value of these skills and possession of land puts you in a great position in the future world.

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