Best Open Carry Holsters of 2020 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: January 14, 2022

Open carry is a great way to feel safe and also keep potential trouble at bay. But you don't want to end up carrying your gun around in your hand or pocket, right?

Well, you can make openly carrying a weapon convenient by investing in a reliable open carry holster.

Read on to discover our reviews of the very best open carry holsters! From pros and cons to features and more, we cover it all.

Comparison Chart of the Best Open Carry Holsters

  • Works for a number of handguns
  • Features a pouch for carrying an extra magazine clip
  • Boasts secure Velcro straps that will withstand a lot of movement
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  • Includes a microfiber cloth for cleaning your gun
  • Made from high-quality polymer to offer durability
  • Features a paddle design for secure attachment with belt or pants
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  • Best for the money
  • Features a pouch for carting a spare magazine clip
  • Constructed from 1000D rugged Nylon for improved durability
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  • Best Glock 19 open carry holster
  • The carry angle is fully adjustable for comfort
  • Features a Level II Retention system for a secure grip
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  • Best 1911 open carry holster
  • Features original US cowhide leather construction
  • Boasts a 3-slot pancake design for added versatility
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  • Best Taurus PT111 G2 open carry holster
  • Constructed from self-lubricating USA-made polymers
  • Features a Level II quick draw system for improved reliability
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What is an Open Carry Holster? 

The meaning of an Open Carry Holster is right there in the name. It's a holster meant for carrying your firearm without concealing it. A holster, or a holder, is generally made of leather.

It is usually worn under the arm or on a belt. You must have seen such holsters being used by policemen. The primary reason behind this is to make your firearm easier for you to open carry.

Other than that, such a holder does come with certain benefits. By securely placing the firearm in a holster, you are reducing the risk of accidental discharge. It also keeps the weapon closer to you and prevents theft or the chances of you losing it. A holster also provides you with better access to your firearm.

Are All Open Carry Holsters The Same?

For anyone interested in purchasing an open carry holster, we recommend getting to know about the available types. Not all open carry holsters will be the same. So, it's crucial to find the one that will meet your preference.

An OWB holster is a good option for those who don’t want to conceal their firearm. The term OWB stands for Outside the Waistband. As you can tell, the said holster holds the gun outside the waistband.

Some of them have clips for attachments, while others have belt loops. You can place such a holster on the hip or behind the hip. It depends on what you are most comfortable with.

Now, you can opt for more than just the OWB type if that's what you are interested in. The types of firearm holders include holsters that attach to the ankle, thighs, belly, and even shoulders. Regardless of what type of holster you buy, the important thing is not to conceal it when you wish to open carry.

In our review list, we have included various types of holsters for you to choose from. The list also includes models that can be attached to your thigh. So, make sure you read through all of the features to select the right one.

What Makes a Great Open Carry Holster? 

Firearm holsters have several designs and are accompanied by numerous features (or a lack of features, depending on the brand). We understand how selecting the right one for yourself can be a tough task. So, before we begin our review list, we would like to share certain factors that make a great open carry holster!


The primary reason to carry a firearm is protection. That’s why self-defense functionality should be a priority when looking for a holster to buy. During an emergency, you should have unhindered access to your weapon and quick draw speed. A reliable holster should give you exactly that.


This is also known as the retention of a holster. It refers to a firearm being held in place because of friction. The levels range from 1 to 4, with 4 featuring the highest retention system. If you don't want your firearm to be snatched away, you should opt for a model with increased retention.


Gun holsters do suffer from wear and tear over time. You should invest in an option that will last longer. While leather is the usual go-to choice, it requires maintenance. Synthetic is easier to maintain. Many prefer a hybrid model, which offers the best of both worlds.


Not every holster will measure the same. So, make sure you select the type that can accommodate the kind of weapon you will be carrying. The size and design of the holster should securely keep the firearm in place.


Don't hesitate to choose the style you like. There's no issue in making a stylistic choice because you want an appealing open carry holster.

Review of the Best Open Carry Holsters

We have created these in-depth reviews just for you. The holsters we have selected will serve you well.

Best Overall:
UTG Deluxe Commando


  • Feels comfortable as you walk around wearing it
  • Velcro straps are secure, strong, and completely reliable
  • Additional pouch lets you carry an extra magazine clip for emergencies
  • Dimensions of this holster allow it to hold a variety of mid-sized handguns
  • Overall design is quite appealing and adds to how well made this holster is


  • Designed only for right-handed people
  • Some might feel it sits a bit too far from the body
  • Won’t work for smaller or even sub-compact frames

What Recent Buyers Report

From the feedback we've read, we can report that recent buyers of this firearm holster share being satisfied by it. For many, it was a great holster because of the durable construction. Using the Velcro straps was easy for them. Several buyers appreciated the easy access it allowed to their weapon.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We decided to single out the UTG Deluxe Commando as the best on our list because of several reasons. Not only do we like the high-quality construction, but the addition of the magazine clip pouch also makes it stand apart from competitors. Other than that, the Velcro straps are secure. You can easily attach it to a gun belt, and it will remain in place as you move around, even when running.

Who Will Use This Most

This is a great pick for anyone who wishes to have a dependable holster for a mid-sized firearm. It can be used for 9mm frames. It’s also beneficial for people who want to carry an extra magazine clip with them. The high-quality Velcro straps make this gun holster perfect for those who lead active lifestyles.

Bottom Line

From the appealing design to the magazine pouch, the benefits provided by this holster from UTG can't be denied. It's an excellent choice for those who want to open carry with comfort. As mentioned, it will remain securely attached to your belt and enable a quick draw. It covers the trigger to prevent accidental shots.

CYTAC Glock 19 Holsters, OWB Holster


  • OWB holster that supports a range of handguns
  • Easy to adjust, so you get the type of gun access you want
  • Comes with a microfiber cloth to help keep your firearm clean
  • Withstands extreme temperatures of up to 180-degrees Celsius
  • Featured materials make it resistant to sweat, water as well as wear and tear


  • Only meant for right-handed use
  • Taking this holster off might be an issue for some
  • Some might feel that it is a bit wobbly when worn

What Recent Buyers Report

The overall feedback for this particular holster has been very positive. Many recent buyers have shared that they loved how easy it was to draw their gun when necessary. It was hassle-free for them to attach it to a belt or their pants securely. They also appreciated the microfiber cloth that came with it to keep their firearm clean.

Why it Stands Out to Us

The CYTAC Glock 19 Holsters, OWB Holster impressed us with its high-quality polymer construction. Without a doubt, this is a military-grade item. Owning such a holster means you are investing in something that will last you for a very long time. It can withstand increased temperatures and is also resistant to sweat and water.

Who Will Use This Most

This is a reliable firearm holder specifically made for right-handed people. It can accommodate a range of mid-sized handguns, including the Glock 19. The polymer construction makes it a great option for those who want something extremely durable. Adjusting it on your belt shouldn’t be an issue. It can benefit individuals working in security or police, and even for personal protection.

Bottom Line

All in all, our runner-up selection is another dependable holster for your firearm if you wish to open carry. It requires next to no maintenance because of the polymer build. Attaching it to your belt shouldn’t be an issue. It looks stylish, and it provides you with quick-draw access for better protection.

Best for the Money:
DYJ Tactical Pistol/Gun Molle Belt Holster


  • Boasts water-resistant materials in its construction
  • Rear securing strap has a quick-release buckle (plastic)
  • Offers full adjustability due to high-quality Velcro straps
  • Pouch has been added to carry an extra magazine clip easily
  • Accompanied by an optional retention strap for convenience


  • Might hang a bit awkwardly for certain users
  • Not meant for all types of semi-automatic pistols
  • Some people might not think Nylon offers much durability

What Recent Buyers Report

There’s a lot that recent buyers have appreciated about the DYJ Tactical Pistol/Gun Molle Belt Holster. Many of them were pleased with it being highly resistant to water. They also liked how this model came in right- and left-handed designs. It was easy for people to use. The straps allowed for secure attachment. Some even liked the range of colors this holster is available in.

Why it Stands Out to Us

In our opinion, this particular item offers excellent value for the price it asks for. The 1000D rugged Nylon construction ensures it will last for a long time. This holder is also resistant to water (and sweat). The Velcro straps work great to offer you freedom with how you wish to adjust this item.

Who Will Use This Most

This is a great option to know about for those who want quality without having to spend too much. Being made from durable material, it can be used by policemen, security guards, and even for self-protection. It can be used by left- or right-handed people. It is also a reliable option to keep in mind if you want an extra pouch.

Bottom Line

We would like to say that this specific holster from DYJ gives you numerous features to benefit from at a surprisingly low price. Whether you are someone who is right- or left-handed, you can use this holster without hassle. The Velcro straps will ensure your gun holder remains attached no matter the amount of movement you do in a day.

Best Glock 19 Open Carry Holster:
TEGE OWB Glock 19 Holster


  • One-button press release leads to quick draw ability
  • Constructed from a polymer that is stronger than mere leather
  • Paddle can be set in a range of 0-60 degrees for adjustable carry angle
  • Designed to fit a variety of Glocks reliably for hassle-free open carry
  • Boasts an auto-locking system that ensures the firearm is perfectly restrained


  • Not for left-handed use
  • Not the best for carrying modified firearms
  • Some might feel the screws aren’t tight enough

What Recent Buyers Report

Going over the available feedback from recent buyers, we can let you know that customers are quite satisfied by this holster. They liked the super-durable polymer construction. For many, it had a very appealing design. Several buyers were pleased with the one-button release for a quick draw. They also liked how it remained attached throughout the day.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We added the TEGE OWB Glock 19 Holster to our list for various reasons. In our opinion, it has been designed to open carry a range of Glocks. The polymer construction ensures it won’t wear and tear any time soon. This is a resilient firearm holder that can withstand different weather conditions and dangerous environments. The 0-60 degrees of adjustability improve convenience.

Who Will Use This Most

This is a reliable option to look into for those who want to open carry a Glock. You will be getting good quality for the price point. Also, the adjustability is a beneficial feature for those who want a hassle-free attachment. It can serve well while hunting, or when on a security job.

Bottom Line

To sum up, this is a dependable holster for carrying Glocks. The polymer construction is one of the most impressive in the market. It also helps that it is very appealing to look at. The one-button release means your firearm can quickly serve you during an emergency.

Best 1911 Open Carry Holster:
Relentless Tactical - The Ultimate Leather Gun Holster


  • Pre-curved to ensure it fits closely with your body
  • 3-slot pancake design lets you wear it the way you want
  • Features a very appealing design that’s sure to attract attention
  • Designed for securely holding most 1911 firearms for protection
  • Made from genuine-grade US cowhide leather for durability


  • Could press into the magazine release button
  • Taking care of the leather might be a hassle for some
  • Some people might not be fans of the traditional design

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers of this holster have shared being pleased with the quality and accessibility being offered. They liked how easy it was to attach. They felt their firearm remained securely close to their bodies. Many appreciated the traditional leather design. Buyers have said they didn't face any trouble while adjusting it before going out.

Why it Stands Out to Us

We do like how this gun holder has been made. The genuine US cowhide it features is sure to appeal to many gun owners. Such high-quality leather means it can face a variety of weather conditions and emergency environments. It is easy to take out your firearm when needed. The versatility in adjustability is another feature we liked.

Who Will Use This Most

The Relentless Tactical Ultimate Leather Gun Holster has been made for the 1911 range. This is a great holster for those who want to opt for something more traditional in design. The US genuine cowhide will look cool when you are out hunting or walking around in your neighborhood. It is also a reliable option for those who want a convenient range of adjustability options for carrying comfort.

Bottom Line

This particular entry is sure to catch the attention of gun owners needing something more rustic yet durable. The pre-curved design means it will remain close to your body for quick access. Adjusting it shouldn't be a problem. Of course, it is intended for carrying most 1911 firearms with ease.

Best Taurus PT111 G2 Open Carry Holster:
Tactical Scorpion Gear Slimline Modular Level II Retention Paddle Holster


  • Safety locking mechanism guarantees the weapon remains secure
  • Modular system allows you to carry a firearm in four different ways
  • Specifically designed to fit a range of Taurus Millennium G2 firearms
  • Level II quick draw system gives easy access to a gun during emergencies
  • Features USA-made self-lubricating polymers to offer impressive durability


  • Screws might be a bit loose for some
  • Might be annoying to take off for some
  • Instructions could be made clearer

What Recent Buyers Report

There are many satisfied users of this particular gun holster. A lot of them liked the appealing design. They also had positive opinions to share about the polymer construction. They appreciated how they could rely on this firearm holder to keep their weapon secure until needed. Of course, the adjustability was praised, too.

Why it Stands Out to Us

One of the things that led us to add this paddle holster on our review list is the ways you can wear it. The fully modular system enables you to open carry by attaching it to even your leg. It offers a paddle platform, drop leg, belt loop, and Molle attachment. The durability is one of the best you can ask for.

Who Will Use This Most

This is an excellent option for owners of a Taurus Millennium G2 firearm range. It accommodates PT111, PT132, PT138, and more. The construction allows it to be used for security work as well as for personal safety. It is resistant to many weather conditions. The fact you can wear it four ways is sure to appeal to many.

Bottom Line

For owners of the Taurus PT111 G2, you can’t go wrong with the Tactical Scorpion Gear Slimline Modular Level II Retention Paddle Holster. It has been designed to accommodate the Taurus G2 line, so you know you are investing in something that will surely serve you well. From secure attachment to quick draw release, it has numerous features open carry gun owners will enjoy.

Pros and Cons of Open Carry Holsters

While moving around with an open carry holster might sound like a good idea, that isn’t always the case. Allow us to explain it better by covering the pros and cons of having an open carry holster. Going over both will help you understand how to make use of such a firearm holder properly.


The primary benefits of open carry holsters include:

Keeps Trouble Away

With an open carry, you increase your chances of keeping potential danger away. Criminals are less likely to go after someone they know is carrying a weapon. That’s also a reason why neighborhoods consisting of people who open carry feel safer.

Easy Access

By using the proper holster, you have convenient access to your firearm in an emergency. Due to open carry preventing you from any sort of concealment, you can’t stuff your gun under your shirt. Carrying it in your hand doesn’t make sense. A holster gives you the perfect place to stow your gun without hassle.

Increased Draw Speed

A holster, due to its ability to keep a firearm correctly attached to your body, increases draw speed. Being able to draw quickly can be a matter of life or grave injury during an emergency.


However, there is one possible drawback that can’t be ignored. 

Draws Attention

An open carry holster does draw attention. Someone who is not familiar with the law might call the police on you for carrying a firearm. It might also make certain people feel uncomfortable when interacting with you.


Opting to open carry is perfectly fine, as long as the law permits it. And with the proper holster, you can make carrying your firearm comfortable for yourself. We hope you found our best open carry holsters review list to be informative. Remember to always opt for a holster that durable and fits your carrying needs.

People Also Ask

Now that we have reached the end of our review and buyer's list, we understand if some of you might have some concerns. When on the topic of weapons, it's always important to research as much as possible. Below we have tried to answer some questions about open carry holsters.

Can You Open Carry With IWB Holster?

For those wondering, the term IWB stands for Inside the waistband. Such holsters are normally used for concealed carrying. However, you can use an IWB holster to open carry as well (though most people don't). For you to do so, you need to ensure your shirt goes underneath the IWB holster instead of covering it.

Do You Need a Holster to Open Carry?

The most important thing related to open carry you should keep in mind is carrying a weapon that isn't concealed or hidden in any manner of speaking (including shape or form). The weapon needs to be openly displayed. So, with that point in mind, it isn't always necessary to have a holster, but having one does make open carry convenient. Do check with the law because some states make holsters mandatory. 

Do I Need a Holster For Concealed Carry?

A holster isn't necessary for concealed carry. Depending on your preference, you can carry your weapon inside your vest, under your shirt, or even a pocket. But having a holster does make carrying a weapon easy. It gives you better access to the firearm when needed. It also helps with keeping the gun clean.