Best Wood and Log Splitting Wedges – 2020 Top Tools Reviewed

| Last Updated: January 13, 2022

Keeping your family warm during the winter season is a hard task. Plus, the thought of the whole task of splitting wood can be dreadful. To make your wood splitting easier, you must get your hands on the best wedge for cutting wood. The search for such wedges can be weary as there are so many available on the market.

Well, let us help you there! Make your way through this article to uncover which one will be best. You are likely a purist, a person who's not afraid to work hard and split wood the old fashioned way. There's always the option to buy cords of wood at the grocery store or even from that sketchy guy on the side of the road, but you're not a soft palmed sissy! It's folks like you that make this nation great and that's why we want to do our best to make sure you've got the right tools for the job, so there's no wasted effort.

There are a few options to choose from when it comes to selecting the best wood splitting wedge, but what really matters is to get one that will last.  

Comparison of the Best Wood Splitting Wedges

  • Equipped with a fast taper design
  • Best overall that’s manufactured in the USA
  • 1 7/8 cutting edge to split stubborn wood logs.
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  • 5.5 inches in length for a deep cut
  • Made in the USA to guarantee all stunning features
  • Runner up wood splitting edge made of ABS polycarbonate
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  • Lightweight and best for the money
  • 5.5 inches in length to allow an easy splitting
  • Made of tough plastic to withstand a tough hit
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  • Lightweight enough to be carried around quite easily
  • 7 inches long wedge to help you cut down wood logs
  • Designed as diamond-shaped to add on to perfection
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  • Made of high-grade steel to guarantee durability
  • Manufactured in Diamond design to offer quick splitting
  • 5 lbs. weight and robustness can withstand any hard hit
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What is a Wood Splitting Wedge?

In case you have never used a splitting wedge, it is a triangular-shaped tool on a portable inclined plane. It is basically a metallic wedge that is driven into medium or large blocks of wood by using a sledgehammer. Generally, a small wedge having a wide-angle is more effective at getting a job done faster.

However, the work may require more force requiring a long wedge with a narrow-angle. Most of the modern wood splitting wedges available in the market nowadays are made of ultra-robust forged steel to help them easily sink into a log for very efficient splitting and cutting.

What Makes a Great Wood Splitting Wedge?

A log splitting wedge is a tool you use to split harder woods that are too tough for a traditional axe. Some soft woods can be split with one swing of the axe, where as the harder wood that burns better requires more work.

That's where the wedge comes into action!

If you want to split harder woods with more force, you're going to need either a harder tool or one that works smarter. What we mean by that is you'll need to find a tool designed to penetrate the wood just as effectively with a soft tool as a splitter works on harder materials. That's why the design of these wedges are so important.

The Wood Grenades/Diamonds

These are wedges often made of a softer material, but designed to make short work of the hardest of woods. The biggest design advantage this tool has over traditional wedges is the pointed end that can be driven into the wood easily and without having cracks already in the wood.

The downside to these wedges is that they're usually good for one wood splitting season, then it's time to buy a new one. The usual suspect is that the point falls apart, which is the main feature of this design.  

One other benefit is that this type of wedge can make a much more accurate split than a traditional wedge. For example if your traditional wedge is angled at all when you make that first swing, it's likely you won't have two equal logs, but rather one big and one little log.

Traditional Wedges

Well, it's basically what it sounds like. It's a wedge-shaped piece of metal, almost like a longer and skinnier version of an axe head, that's placed in the cracks of the wood. Then you slam that wedge with a hammer and you now have two pieces of wood!

These devices are usually made of a thicker metal because the mold for the traditional wedge isn't as complex as a wood grenade, so they last a lot longer. This is also because there are no weak points in the design. Whereas the wood grenade has a weak point in the tip that can be broken off, the traditional wedge is as sturdy as they come!

Now it might not give as accurate of a split, but the smaller surface area that you have to hit means more force is directed into the wedge, unlike the wood grenade that has a lot bigger head that can misdirect the force from the hammer. That's a huge advantage over the wood grenade!

When to Use a Wood Splitting Tool

Like we said before, a wedge shouldn't be used in all scenarios. Most of the time, a sharp ax will make short work of wood, but there are those unique situations when you get wood that's a bit too hard for the ax. That's when it's okay to use a wedge to finish the job. You generally don't want to start out with it.

Review of the Best Wood Splitting Wedges

Now that you know what a wood-splitting wedge is, read on to learn about the best wedges to meet your demands. All of these are best in one aspect or the other, so you’ll know what to expect from the one you purchase.

It is time to see which wedges made our list and why. Let's see the top models of the year and what makes them unique.

Best Overall:
Estwing Sure Split Wedge-5-Pound Wood Splitting Tool

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  • Backed by a Lifetime Warranty
  • It Offers a Faster and Easier Chopping Job
  • Fast-Tapering Head Gives an Easy Splitting Start
  • Fin Feature Helps the Sledge Split Logs All the Way Down
  • This Model Stands Alone on the Wood Without Anyone Holding it


  • It is Made of Soft Steel
  • May Send Steel Chips Flying While Chopping
  • When Positioned Improperly, There is a Risk of the Wedge Bouncing Off the Wood

What Recent Buyers Report

This wedge has left its customers pleasantly surprised with its amazing features and unique design. It is quite effective in the decent splitting of wood logs. With some practice, users find it to be great for splitting things a maul could not.

Why it Stands Out To Us 

With a revolutionary design, it is the perfect splitting wedge to use for splitting stubborn and knotty wood logs. The extra split fins provide an extra and firmer wedge action for continuous and efficient splitting. This U.S.-made splitting wedge weighs five pounds and the attached fins help in ensuring that the wedge does not stick in the wood while cutting through it.

This wedge is the perfect balance between the traditional wedge and the wood grenade! The wings at the top give that extra push for separation to finish the split. You'll pay a little more for this one than others (only about $2), but it would be money well-spent to purchase from a U.S. supplier!

One issue that's been passed around is the tendency of this wedge to bounce out if it's not sunk in deep enough before laying some solid hits on it. 

There are some complaints of this tool being made with "soft steel" because the top mushrooms after one wood season. But in reality, it's made with soft steel at the top to prevent cracking after being pounded on by a hammer and harder steel at the bottom to cut through the wood.

Who Will Use This Most 

This Estwing Wedge is an ideal option for any outdoorsy person. It can be quite useful for those enthusiastic hikers and trekkers. Similarly, hunters can take this wedge with them while going for a hunt. It will equally benefit a camper in cutting some wood to light a fire.

Bottom Line 

The Estwing Wood Splitting Wedge is quite popular for its design which splits wood quickly and relatively easily. Additionally, the fast-tapering head makes it easy to lodge in the wood. At about nine inches long, this wood splitting wedge is the perfect product to bring value to your money.

Gator Wedge USA-Made 5.5 inches Felling Wedge

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  • It Comes in a Pack of 2 Wedges
  • This Product is a Great Option for Felling Small Trees
  • The 5.5-Inch Length Offers Deep Cuts While Chopping
  • Made of High-Quality ABS Polycarbonate Material
  • One Side of This Wedge is Smooth While the Other has Serrated Barbs


  • Does Not Really Bite Into the Wood
  • Not Efficient for Splitting Wood Logs
  • Not Recommended for Cutting Down Large Trees

What Recent Buyers Report 

It has proven to be very handy while using a chainsaw. This is quite popular for its features and is available at a quite reasonable price. Plus, since it is made of plastic, it is loved for its high-portability. It is found extremely useful in enduring tough hits.

Why it Stands Out To Us 

In case you are looking for some help to cut down some small trees, this 5.5-inch Gator Wedge is the perfect option for you. Manufactured in the U.S.A., it is made of ABS polycarbonate material to ensure high-quality construction. The serrated barb plays a crucial role in holding the wedge in one place once inserted into the wood.

Who Will Use This Most 

This Gator Wedge is quite popular in cutting down small trees with high-efficiency. It can be used by trekkers and campers to cut down some wood to start a fire. Similarly, it is equally beneficial to a family to keep their house warm in cold seasons.

Bottom Line 

Made of high-quality materials and with amazing features, this Gator Wood Splitting Wedge seems to be the best option for felling of trees. The 5.5-inch-long splitting wedge helps in safe and easy chopping of small trees by directing the tree to fall in the direction you desire.

Best for the Money:
Oregon Felling Wedge, 5.5”


  • Lightweight With High-Durability
  • It Ensures the Tree Falls in the Right Direction
  • The Barbs Prevent it From Backing Out While Chopping
  • Made of Tough Plastic With a Contemporary Finish
  • Helpful in Preventing Saw Binding in Mid-Cut Due to the Tree Weight


  • Not Meant for Splitting Wood
  • There Are Complaints of Deceptive Description
  • There is a Risk of Breakage While Driving Into the Tree

What Recent Buyers Report 

This wood splitting wedge is immensely appreciated for serving its specific purpose quite efficiently. It is highly-loved for being a safer felling wedge for chainsaws. This is due to the fact it does not damage the sharpening chains, plus there is no need to replace them.

Why it Stands Out To Us 

Made of lightweight but durable plastic, the Oregon Felling Wedge helps ensure that the tree falls in the right direction while felling trees. It is efficient in preventing many injuries and the possibility of any saw binding. Additionally, the barbs on the wedge have proved quite efficient in preventing it from backing out while splitting the trees.

Who Will Use This Most 

This wood splitting wedge is specifically-designed for professional loggers. It can be used by professionals to cut down large trees much faster and efficiently. However, as it is not recommended for splitting. It can only be used for felling trees.

Bottom Line 

Highly recommended for tree falling and buckling, this Oregon Wood Splitting Wedge is a tool you need to keep handy while felling trees. It solves the problem of your chainsaw getting stuck while cutting trees by making it easy to pull out. So, in case you want a perfect wedge to chop down trees, get your hands on this stunning product.

4. Collin’s Wood Splitting Wedge

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  • It Can Work With Both Axes and Sledgehammers
  • This Product is Lightweight But Highly-Durable
  • The Grenade Splits Wood in Multiple Directions
  • It is Made of High Carbon and Heat-Treated Steel to Ensure High Quality
  • This Sharp and Pointed Cutting Edge Ensures Faster and Easier Splitting


  • The Tip May Bend Easily
  • It Might Shift From its Spot When Hit
  • The Teeth Fail to Grip Wood Well at Times

What Recent Buyers Report 

Many customers swear by this Collin’s Wood-Splitting Wedge for being the best metal wedge to split wood logs. It is much-loved by people for splitting the wood into two or four sections, completely and in almost no time.

Why it Stands Out To Us 

Collins' Wood Splitting Wedge ensures both speed and efficiency in splitting the wood. At seven inches long and made of heat-treated, high carbon steel, this wedge has a sharp tip which helps in easy splitting without exerting any pressure. It is just what you are looking for.

This is what is being seen as the newest generation of wedges and whether or not that's true will be known in time. But the design makes the wood splitting much easier and the head of the wedge is a larger target that's easier to hit than a narrow wedge. The ridges on the wood grenade help hold the wedge in place, where others might bounce out after a few swings.

However there have been some complaints of the fact that the larger head on this wedge means less force is transferred to the wood with each swing. We don't have the tools to measure the exact difference between force delivered between different wedges, but it does seem like a reasonable concern based on logic.

But even more people are lining up to give this new comer of the wood splitting world a chance and most are pleasantly surprised!

Who Will Use This Most 

This diamond-shaped wood splitting wedge can be equally used by professional loggers or outdoorsmen. As it offers wood splitting in multiple directions, it can be used by campers or hunters to cut down wood logs at a faster rate to get a fire lit on dark and cold nights.

Bottom Line 

With Collins Wood Splitting Wedge, the task of cutting down the trees is now much more comfortable. The excellent design splits wood not in only one or two ways, but four ways. This is quite popular among people due to its amazing features which have left most people pleasantly surprised.

5. Ludell Steel Wedge (Traditional)

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  • The Head is Rust-Resistant
  • Offers Quick and Easy Splitting
  • The Unique Pointed Tip Aids in Easy Hammering
  • Entirely Enameled, Thus Offering Durability
  • The Diamond-Shaped Design Splits the Wood in Four Directions


  • It Isn't Meant for Use as a Felling Wedge
  • It’s Often Pricey for Those on a Tight Budget
  • This Wedge is Not Able to Drive Deep into the Wood at Times

What Recent Buyers Report 

Made of high-quality steel, this wedge is much appreciated for its toughness. Whether it’s a wet log or a stubborn tree, this bad boy does its job quite efficiently. It works best for the average-sized block of wood.

Why it Stands Out To Us 

Famous for being a traditional log splitting wedge, this Ludell Wedge basically has the same design that was first invented by our ancestors. This heat-treated wedge is best known for its durability and effective wood splitting. With a rust-resistant head, it is basic, but it works.

The Ludell Steel Wedge is about as basic as a splitting wedge gets, but that's what makes it a fantastic tool. Like we discussed before, the smaller the target to land the hammer on, the more force that is directed into actually splitting the wood. And this bad boy just does a superb job!

There is one caution that comes with this tool and that's that the noise from hitting metal on metal with such a concentrated smash can damage your ears. So it might be a good idea to invest in some ear protection as well.

Most buyers have rated it above four stars and suggest it as a staple if you're splitting logs often. There's no mention of how long these particular wedges last, but we wouldn't be surprised if they lasted multiple years.

Who Will Use This Most 

Having a basic design, this wood splitting wedge is recommended for those who value aesthetics. Available at a reasonable price, this wedge can be used by anyone to keep the house warm or for the trekking enthusiast. Additionally, it can be used by hunters as well, to stay warm during the night.

Bottom Line

As basic as a splitting wedge gets, the Ludell Wedge is the fantastic tool that does its job quite efficiently. This wedge is strong enough to withstand the blows of an ax as it chops down and cuts through the wood. Featuring all the essential components, it is an ideal wedge for easy wood splitting chores.

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

In case you intend to purchase a wood splitting wedge, there are few factors you must consider to get the best out of the product. This section will discuss some important aspects to look for before making any purchase.

User’s Physical Size

The physical size of the user i.e., their height is an important issue that will have an effect on the type of wedge you purchase. A tall, heavy-built man will do better with a large wedge with a massive handle.

Weight of the Wedge

The ability of a wedge to penetrate the wood generally depends on its heaviness. A wedge with a lightweight head will require abundant energy and several cuts to separate the wood.


Portability is a crucial issue as carrying these around can be tough. Therefore, knowing that you have to move with your ax from one place to another, you’ll want to own one that’s simple to carry around.

The Broadness of the Pinnacle

The angle of the edge can be helpful in dictating how simple it will be to separate the wood. While buying a wedge, look for one with a huge head. A wedge with broad pinnacle will surely bring value to your bucks.

How to Split Wood Like a Pro

Using a wedge for splitting wood is not rocket science. In fact, even for beginners, using a wedge for splitting wood is quite easy.  This is due to the fact that only requires basic knowledge of how to use the wedge.

However, a wedge on its own might not be able to get your work done. You must have a sledgehammer to help you drive it inside the wood. You can easily split wood effectively and faster by following these simple steps:

  1. First of all, place the wood you want to split into a position that the wedge can easily fit into.

  2. Hold onto your wedge and place it into the aperture in the wood log. 

  3. If the gap is thick, the wedge should be capable of standing on its own. 

  4. Once the wedge is firmly held inside the wood log, hit the head of the wedge with a sledgehammer. 

  5. A hard hit will drive the wedge inside the log and split it into pieces.

While using a wedge, it is important to remember to have a good technique. Never swing uncontrollably, instead, concentrate on each swing to make it successful.


You don’t really have to use a wedge to split wood logs, as it can be easier to buy wood from vendors. However, if you want to keep your house warm with a little effort, you must get the best wedge for splitting wood.

We have mentioned some of the best wedges to meet your demands. We hope our article has given you some great knowledge of some possible products and valuable information to consider before making any purchase. 

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