Best Tactical Vests of 2020 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: January 13, 2022

If you’re looking to get in touch with your sporty side and head out for a round of airsoft games or maybe a hunting trip, then one of the items you’ll need before you head out is a tactical vest.

This article will serve as the complete guide to these products, from how to pick the right one, to the best vests for you.

So, stay tuned and take a look at our best picks below.

Comparison of the Best Tactical Vests

  • Provided with the signature mesh ventilation system for comfort.
  • Comes in a fully adjustable design, in girth and length, to fit perfectly for all.
  • Best overall with all the right features needed in an ideal law enforcement tactical vest.
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  • An adjustable design that comes in one size to fit most.
  • Professional grade vest, designed out of high-quality PVC.
  • Runner-up that only misses the top place by a small margin.
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  • Available in black, camouflage and a digital camouflage print.
  • Best for the money, providing you good worth for what you pay.
  • Modern Warrior Tactical vest with numerous pockets for convenience.
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  • The model features Molle Strap for added customization.
  • Best from 5.11, one of the most known brands for tactical gear.
  • Designed out of high-quality nylon mesh which is the best pick of materials.
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  • The design of the vest includes a total of six M4 mag pouches.
  • Best from Condor, yet another renowned company that only puts out the best for their users.
  • It also includes a chest platform that can be adjusted or removed according to the user’s liking.
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  • Best Tactical dog vest that is unique on its own.
  • Features Molle on both sides of the vest for the attachment of accessories.
  • Also comes with webbing and hook and loop which are completely adjustable.
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What is a Tactical Vest Best For?

If you think that a tactical vest is just for professional uses, then you might be mistaken. These vests can be used for a number of reasons; professional as well as otherwise.

Professional Military And Law Enforcement Uses

These vests are very commonly used professionally. For people who always need to be on the go, and must have their weapons and ammo with them all the time find these tactical vests to be the perfect option since these provide them with what they need in easy reach.

While Out Hunting

Those who enjoy hunting will also realize that wearing a tactical vest on a hunting trip can greatly add to the hunting experience. Having the weapons and the gear in immediate reach can greatly help one with a better hunt.

At Shooting Ranges

At shooting ranges, while one practices their perfect shot, a tactical vest can be of great help. On the one hand, it allows the shooter to have all the ammunition that they need in easy access, without disturbing their concentration. On the other hand, it also provides them with a realistic feel that one would get while being out in the open and shooting professionally, which can be a great experience.

What Makes a Great Tactical Vest?

There are a few important components of a tactical vest that make it one of the best products. It is important that you consider these aspects before you invest in one.

Quality of Material

This is, perhaps, the most important aspect to consider while you’re buying this product. The item has to be made out of a durable material that is capable of withstanding rough conditions. Nylon mesh is one of the best materials used for these vests, given its low weight and enhanced durability.

Perfect Fit

You also need to ensure that the final product that you choose is a perfect fit for you. A vest that is either too loose or too tight can be very uncomfortable and add to your troubles instead of being convenient. Therefore, it's important that you check the size before you pick one.

Pockets And Removable Compartments

A tactical vest is supposed to assist you with all your gear, keeping it all within easy reach. This function of the vest is greatly influenced by the pocket and the removable compartments included in its design. While you’re choosing one for yourself, make sure it is designed sufficiently to hold all your items.

Review of the Best Tactical Vests

Given the wide variety of these products available, choosing the right one for yourself may be an overwhelming decision. In order to help you out, here are some of the best tactical vests reviewed for your convenience. So you can skip the painstaking task of going through every product, and choose from the best.

Best Overall:
UTG 547 Law Enforcement Tactical Vest


  • Features a Heavy-Duty Back Loop System That Allows the User To Carry Extra Gear Or Tools
  • Also Includes a Deluxe Universal Cross-Draw Holster That Comes With An Extra Hook and Loop
  • The Design Also Includes a Durable Rescue Handle That Can Be Used For Dependable Field Operations
  • Provides the User With Four Deluxe Rifle Mag Pouches That Are Completely Adjustable For Extra Convenience
  • The Vest is Provided With High-Quality Zippers That, Just Like the Rest Of the Vest, Are Designed To Last and Not Wear Out Quickly


  • The Vest Does Not Include Molle Mounts For Extra Customization Or Gear
  • The Pistol Holster is a Little Small, Meaning it Can’t Hold Other Larger-Sized Pistols
  • Most Of the Pouches On the Vest Are Sewn and Can’t Be Removed For Convenience

What Recent Buyers Report

This vest by UTG is one of those products that only earn good reviews. Recent buyers have nothing to say about this other than good words. They are specifically impressed by the high quality and durability of the material, which makes it worth all the money one has to pay for it.

Why it Stands Out To Us

What we love about this vest are the smaller additional pouches that it provides. A tactical vest is all about holding your gear and accessories. Given the number of smaller pouches that this vest provides you with, it is definitely perfect for the job.

Who Will Use This Most

With the ideal design and the number of features provided by this product, it would be suitable for anyone, from a hunter out on a trip to someone entertaining their sporty side. Ideally, this unit is specifically designed for all those working for the military or law enforcement.

Bottom Line

From its design to all of its features, this tactical vest is absolutely perfect in every way. It will provide you with comfort, convenience, and durability all at once, making it the perfect vest to add to your gear. If you’re looking for a tactical vest, you won’t find one better than this.

UTG Leapers Tactical Scenario Vest


  • Designed With Extra Care To Ensure the Maximum Comfort Of the Wearer
  • The User Can Carry Additional Gear Or Tools Using the Heavy-Duty Loop System
  • Also Includes Two Internal Zippered Pouches For Maps Or Documents To Be Kept Safe
  • It Also Features a Convenient Universal Cross-Draw Holster That Also Includes An Extra Mag Pouch
  • Features 4 Deluxe Rifle Mag Pouches That Come With a Velcro Closure and Are Completely Adjustable


  • The Zipper Teeth Are Designed Out Of Cheap Plastic, Which is Not As Durable
  • The Vest Does Not Come With Enough Shoulder Padding As is Usually Required From These Vests
  • The Holster is Not Very Stably Attached To the Vest and May Come Off Easily If Used For Heavier Pistols

What Recent Buyers Report

According to recent buyers, this tactical vest is nothing less than the best. Users are impressed by how well the one fit for all design works, and further amazed by the durability of the PVS material used by the vest. Overall, they regard it to be a worthy purchase.

Why it Stands Out To Us

The one feature of this vest that really stands out to us is the mesh back design. This unique feature of the vest allows extra ventilation for the users, so they do not sweat a lot while wearing the vest for prolonged periods of time. And that is one of the best additions in design that we have seen in these vests.

Who Will Use This Most

Given the fact that this particular item features a number of pockets and accessory pouches, it would be ideal for anyone that heads out for shooting and hunting. Since there are plenty of pouches, one wouldn’t have to worry about carrying the extra ammo all along with this product.

Bottom Line

This product may not be the first, but it stands second by only a small margin. Its design, durability, and functionality are almost as good as the top item on this list. It will be sure to provide you with all the basic features that you look for, and even more.

Best for the Money:
Modern Warrior Tactical Vest


  • Also Has Padding On the Right Shoulder Which is Designed Specifically To Reduce the Effects Of Recoil
  • Designed Out Of High-Quality Material That Allows it To Be Considerably Strong and Durable
  • The Unit Features a Great Storage Capacity That Will Be Sufficient For All Your Gear and Accessories
  • The Vest is Adjustable At the Torso, Allowing a Comfortable and Ideal Fit For Medium To Extra-Large Sizes
  • Features Suitable Sized Pockets For Rifle and Handgun Magazines As Well As Shotgun Shell Holder and a Lot More


  • The Vest is Considerably Heavy and May Add Weight To You While You Are On the Go
  • The Pocket For Pistols Isn’t Big Enough For Larger Pistols and Suitable Only For Smaller Ones
  • The Adjustable Buckle For the Holster Comes Loose Quite Easily and May Be Inconvenient To Handle

What Recent Buyers Report

If one had to go by the words of recent buyers, this item would be the perfect pick for anyone out there looking for a tactical vest. According to them, it is not only designed well and rugged for longer use but also provides ample storage space for everything one would want to carry.

Why it Stands Out To Us

Why we think this item is a real catch is because of the shoulder padding that is included in its design. It is a feature that is not seen in many tactical vests, but a feature that a lot of people look for nevertheless. So if one ever has to shoot with a gun over their shoulder, this vest, with its shoulder padding would ensure that recoil is not an issue.

Who Will Use This Most

This item can be used by just about anyone that is heading out for a hunting trip or enjoys shooting ranges. But this unit is ideal for all those that are looking for a good quality product, but one that fits within a smaller budget and doesn’t weigh too heavy on their pockets.

Bottom Line

This product is one that will be sure to give you a run for your money. It may not be priced as much as the other high-end products, but it serves to provide with the same quality and functionality. With this item, it is safe to say that you won’t be disappointed.

Best from 5.11:
5.11 LBE Vest


  • It is Lightweight and Also Comfortable To Ensure That it Aids in Convenience
  • It Features Web and Loop Platforms Which Are Completely Adjustable For Better Compatibility
  • The Vest is Adjustable and Also Comes in Different Sizes To Ensure That it Fits Well For Everyone
  • This Unit is Made From the Best Quality Material That Ensures Not Only its Strength But Also its Durability
  • It Also Features Specialized Pockets That Are Designed For Professionals, Including An Integrated ReadyPocket On the Chest and a Hydration Pocket


  • This is a High-End Product That is Slightly More Expensive Than Standard Tactical Vests
  • When the Item is Initially Purchased, it is a Little Stiff When Worn, Which Eventually Goes Away With Time
  • The Sizing Of the Vest is a Little Tricky and is Not the Same As the Standard Sizes; Therefore a Little More Attention Has To Be Paid While Picking the Right Size

What Recent Buyers Report

Those who have purchased this item confirm that this vest upholds the high standards that 5.11 has set for its products. They report being extremely pleased with the product, its design, and its quality. The exceptional functionality that the product provides is exactly what they expect from 5.11.

Why it Stands Out To Us

The specialized pockets that this vest feature is a feature that you would find exclusive to this product on the list. It is indeed a professional-grade feature that won’t be found in a standard vest. These hydrating pockets and ReadyPockets are really what set this item apart from the rest.

Who Will Use This Most

This is perfectly designed for anyone looking forward to a good hunting trip, or even a sporty day out. But its excellence can only be really appreciated by those that have used products by 5.11 before and seek to find the best tactical vests.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a tactical vest, and are also a fan of 5.11 products, then this vest will provide the perfect combination of the two for you. It is a high-end product by 5.11 that is designed to provide the user with nothing less than the absolute best.

Best from Condor:
Condor Outdoor Modular Chest Set


  • The Design Features Shoulder Pads That Add Great Comfort To the Design
  • Features Ample Storage Space To Hold All of Your Ammo and Gear Together
  • The Unit Also Comes With Webbing That Allows You to Add Modular Attachments to it
  • The Unit Comes From a Trusted Brand That Provides Great Customer Support in Case of Any Problems
  • Also Has Two Internal Mesh Pockets Which Will Allow the User to Store Documents or Maps Without Damaging Them


  • The Vest is Not For Professional Use in Military or Law Enforcement
  • The Water Bladder Isn’t Insulated, Resulting in an Easy Change of Temperature
  • The Vest Itself is Quite Heavy and Tends to Add Weight on the Person Wearing it

What Recent Buyers Report

Those who recently bought this product have claimed to be thoroughly impressed by it. It is, according to buyers, of the perfect quality, just like they expect it to be, coming from Condor. It delivers the perfect quality and functionality that the brand promises.

Why it Stands Out To Us

What we really love about this product is the heavyweight mesh that it has incorporated into this design. Since the design lets users attach a number of accessories, it can be greatly useful. The user can use it even to attach extra pouches to add more space if need be.

Who Will Use This Most

The design and features of this item are aimed to make it perfect for those that love to go with their sporty vibe. It is ideal for use for airsoft games or a day at the shooting range. Its features make it ideal for any sporty use, as long as it is not on a professional level.

Bottom Line

Condor really keeps its standard and worth with this product, providing its users with all the features that they would expect and a lot more. It is one of those products that simply never fails to impress in any way, be it form or function.

Best Tactical Dog Vest:
 OneTigris Tactical Dog Molle Vest Harness


  • It Also Comes With a Metal Leash Clip and a Top Handle Which Allows Effective K9 Control
  • The Unit Comes With Three Detachable Pouches That Are Useful For Carrying Any Extra Gear
  • The Design Allows You to Attach a Number of Extra Accessories Such as Pouches, Bottle, etc
  • The Interior is Designed Out of a Mesh Which Allows Ventilation and Greater Comfort For Your Dog
  • It is Designed to Provide the Best of Comfort For the Dog, Without Causing it Any Harm or Discomfort


  • The Stitches on the Leash Are Not Designed to Bear Rough Use of it
  • The Item is Considerably Expensive as Compared to Other Similar Products
  • The Company Does Not Provide Great Customer Support in Case You Have Any Issues

What Recent Buyers Report

All the users that have bought this product are dog owners that are greatly satisfied by not only the product and its performance, but also how well it fits their dog without causing it any pain or discomfort. This, to the buyers, is the most important aspect since no one would want to harm their dog.

Why it Stands Out To Us

The Molle on either side of this unit is indeed a great bonus point added to this vest. Being a dog vest, the design of the vest itself may not provide great storage space, but with the Molle, users can still add a number of accessories to the vest without running out of space.

Who Will Use This Most

All those that are tired of carrying their ammo and gear themselves would find this to be a perfect alternative. It will allow them to bring their gear along, using their dog, all the while ensuring that the animal itself is in no sort of pain. Win-win.

Bottom Line

After a list of tactical vests for users, here is one for their dogs. It may have slightly less storage space, but there is still enough places for all the accessories; and all of that with no compromise on the quality of the material. It is a product that you need to try for yourself.

Types of Tactical Vests

One may think that tactical vests are all the same, but that isn’t the case. These are mainly of three different types. In order to ensure that you pick the right one for yourself, you need to understand the difference between the three different types.

Chest Rig

Chest Rigs are the most common type of tactical vests that most people usually prefer buying. As the name suggests, these units come with a chest rig that allows the users to withdraw their weapons from the chest area. This is of great convenience and is one of the reasons it is commonly preferred.

Cross Draws

These types of tactical vests come to a close second when speaking of popularity. They are almost as preferred by users as the Chest Rig type. This type features a cross draw holster that is also a convenient method for drawing weapons. They usually have the pouches attached to the main garment structure of the vest.

Plate Carriers

Plate carriers are different from the first two in that they do not have a belt attached to them. Looking at them, they look considerably similar to a bulletproof vest. These provide users with considerably more amount of versatility when it comes to adjusting and customizing the unit according to needs.

Benefits of Investing in a Quality Tactical Vest

If you’re still wondering if you should really invest in one of these, then let us tell you that there isn’t one, but plenty of advantages of these products. They can be helpful in more ways than you can imagine them to be.

The Perfect Vibe

With a tactical vest on, when you head out for your hunting trip, or any other activity that you intend to indulge in, you will get the perfect sporty vibe and get you into the mood right away.

Blend In With The Surroundings

If you’re headed out for a survival adventure, then you may feel like your outfit makes you stand apart from your surroundings. But with a tactical vest, no matter what you wear underneath, you’re bound to blend right in with the rest.

Adjustable and Comfortable

Most of the tactical vests are considerably adjustable and can be worn over a number of clothing items. Be it a light shirt, or a heavy jacket; it can be easily adjusted to fit perfectly over your outfit.

You do not have to be worried about it being an uncomfortable fit. Tactical vests are designed to be more comfortable with their plate carriers, than other pieces of clothing used for the purpose.


With all that said, you have a good idea of not only the different types of tactical vests but also how to pick the right one for yourself. You just need to keep in mind all the important aspects of these vests while choosing one, and you’ll be sure never to go wrong.

People Also Ask

It is always natural to have questions, and it is important that these questions be answered. If you still have a few questions regarding tactical vests, do not worry. Here are the answers to some of the questions that users frequently ask regarding the product.

What is the Molle Strap System?

The Molle Strap System is one of the smartest systems devised to add extra attachments to these vests. This system consists of webbing on the surface of the vest. This web includes multiple points where a number of accessories can be attached.

Are Tactical Vests Considered Body Armor?

No, tactical vests are not considered to be body armor. Even though both items can be used in similar situations, they both have different functions. Body armor is supposed to protect you from any sort of external damage, while tactical vests are meant to carry around your gear and ammo.