Best Hat Clip Lights of 2020 – Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

| Last Updated: January 14, 2022

Are you looking for a good hat clip light to serve as a good source of hands-free light when doing a task? 

In case your answer is yes, then look no further. You are in the right place. These are very important to illuminate the perfect amount of light at the right duration.

Read on to find out the best hat light to make it possible for you to produce good work output. 

Comparison of the Best Hat Clip Lights

  • 3 lighting modes to serve you
  • Best overall for its vibrant and focused light
  • Beam focus can be zoomed to give you a focused light
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  • 4 light modes including UV
  • Hands-free tactical lighting to offer a high level of comfort
  • Has high-end features similar to our best product, making it the runner-up
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  • Lightweight thus easy to carry
  • 5 LED lights to offer vibrant light
  • Considered as best for the money because it is available at a relatively affordable price.
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  • Rechargeable batteries to last long
  • 3 lighting modes to serve you in many ways
  • Single bright LED light for strong illumination
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  • Lightweight and compact design
  • 3 LED lights to provide a strong beam of light
  • Highly portable and thus can be carried around
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Are All Hat Clip Lights the Same?

Not all hat clip lights are the same. They may differ in terms of features and you can easily find one that perfectly suits your needs, as they are available in different types.

Built-in Batteries

Some models come with batteries built in which need to be recharged before using. The biggest benefit of such lights is their compact design. Moreover, if the battery dies, just attach a USB cable and charge away.

Removable Batteries

These are the most common light models. They usually come with the battery sleds that can accommodate AAA batteries. The best thing about these is that you can easily swap out the spent batteries with new ones.

What Purpose Do They Serve?

Using hat clip lights can be beneficial in many ways. A couple of them are discussed here.

Source of Vibrant Light

Such lights are a wonderful source of vibrant light that allows you to complete your task without any interruption.

Makes Things Visible in the Dark

When you are working at night in an active construction site, it is important to be visible to other co-workers. When you have your own light source, you will be highly visible to others and can see things in dark places as well.

You Can Do Delicate Tasks in Poor Lighting Conditions

These allow you to do your task with both of your hands free. In very small spaces, you may lack room for even a small LED lamp and these lights will provide you with the illumination for the task at hand.

How to Choose a Hat Clip Light

There are different models available in the market and you don’t want to waste money on something that won’t be useful later on. Below is a guide that discusses the various features necessary to help you choose the best one.


One of the important factors to consider before making a purchase is whether the light is durable enough to serve you in the long run. The material is glass and should be tough, so it can even withstand falling to the ground from a high point. 

Compact and Lightweight

You don't need bulky devices these days. You should opt for a hat clip light that is small and lightweight to ensure your comfort since as it sits on top of your head for long time periods.

The Number of Lumens Produced

The number of lumens produced refers to the brightness of any light device. A high number of lumens means a brighter light and low number means less brighness. Similarly, the light must offer different modes since different tasks demand varying levels of lights.

Battery Life

Battery life claims by the manufacturers can be misleading. It is best to consult independent tests to know how long it will last. 

Focused Light

Sometimes you just want a bright light concentrated on a small area, like when you need to concentrate on detailed work. This feature is not available in all lights.

Review of the Best Hat Clip Lights

Now that we are done with the buying guide to help you choose the best light for you, let's get started with the review of our top-listed products. It will help you decide which one works best for you. 

Best Overall:
Thorfire Led Cap Light

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  • It can be clipped on a hat, making its use easy
  • Backed by an 18-month warranty to ensure reliability
  • High-quality construction guarantees long-term service
  • Comes with 3 lightning modes to adjust  to your desire
  • Equipped with a beam focus you can zoom for maximum light


  • Does not come with batteries
  • Not recommended for daily use
  • You might need a protective cover

What Recent Buyers Report

The Thorfire LED Cap Light is very popular among its users for its vibrant and focused light. Moreover, it is highly appreciated for being backed by an 18-month warranty. Additionally, its high-quality construction has made it greatly reliable.

Why it Stands Out to Us

If you are looking for an amazing hat light cap to serve you in the long term, then you must not miss this top-listed Thorfire LED Cap light. It comes with three lighting modes, including high, low, and strobe that can be easily adjusted according to your needs. Moreover, with the focused beam and adjustable lamp angle, you can complete your task conveniently. 

Who Will Use This Most

These lights are perfect for those going hunting, camping, and other outdoor activities. You can take these lights with you when you go for a walk at night. Moreover, it can be used by workers in garages, workshops, and storage rooms for doing their work efficiently.

Bottom Line

With all the high-end features and strong construction, this Thorefire LED Cap light is a must-have. It's available at quite a reasonable price and can be used for many purposes, not limited to hiking or camping only. Moreover, it comes with an amazing warranty for 18 months and considerate customer service. 

Revival Gear

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  • User-friendly and can be used by people of any age
  • Can be switched off or on by pressing a single button on the top
  • Equipped with four light modes to use according to your needs
  • Comes with an additional UV light mode 
  • Adjustable lamp angle keeps your hands free to do your task in the dark


  • Not backed by a warranty
  • Slightly heavier than other models
  • Plastic construction, thus can be broken easily

What Recent Buyers Report

This light, with built-in battery, is greatly loved by its users for being a bright and comfortable source of light. Moreover, the multiple settings help satisfy the demands of the users in a very efficient way. However, there are some concerns about it being slightly heavy.

Why it Stands Out to Us

Equipped with so many features, this Revival Gear Hat Light comes right behind our top-listed product. The most loved feature of this light is that it comes with lighting modes to serve you in the dark, according to your requirements. Moreover, you do not need to buy the battery separately. Similarly, the hands-free tactical feature allows you to continue your work without any interruption in a fully illuminated space.

Who Will Use This Most

This product can be used by people of any age. Be it a child, adult, or teen, this wonderful unit is loved for being user-friendly. It's equally useful for both indoor and outdoor activities. Whether you want to go camping or fishing, this light is perfect, as it is water and impact-resistant.

Bottom Line

This Revival Gear Hat Light is all you need when you need to do some work in your garage or are heading out camping. With this unit, you do not have to worry about your battery dying quickly and therefore, can continue your work for hours without any interruption.

Best for the Money:
Cyclops Micro Mini

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  • On/off switch is quite easy to find and use
  • High-quality construction, making it durable
  • Compact-sized and can be carried around easily
  • Weighs less than an ounce, enhancing its portability
  • Equipped with five bright LED lights to offer good vision


  • Lacks any low-light choice
  • Does not have night-vision light
  • Cannot be used as an overall light for camping

What Recent Buyers Report

These lights are quite appreciated by users for being an extremely versatile and strong source of light. Being equipped with five bright LED lights, they can be used for a variety of purposes. Moreover, users do not find the battery replacement difficult.

Why it Stands Out to Us

This compact-sized and lightweight Cyclops Micro Mini Light is a perfect option for anyone looking for a small light for daily use. It comes with five bright LED lights that can illuminate your workspace to the fullest. Moreover, it has a strong metal mounting clip and sturdy construction to serve you in the long term.

Who Will Use This Most

As a source of great illumination, this product with five bright LED lights works great for campsite use and even on Boy Scout camp outs. It is an ideal option for those going hunting or camping. Plus, they are great to use, even in workstations. You can also use it for a late-evening walk around the hike.

Bottom Line

With so many top-notch features, this small unit is great for everyday use. The bright work capability and long battery life add on to perfection. Additionally, its high-quality construction makes it perfect for bringing value to your money.

4Blackube USB Rechargeable Cap Hat

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  • Protected circuit board to mark reliability
  • Batteries can be recharged to serve you long
  • Weighs only 0.88 oz, thus making it highly portable
  • Comes with a 100% money-back guarantee in case you don't like it
  • Equipped with 3 light modes to choose from according to your desire


  • Can be damaged easily
  • Comes with only 1 LED light
  • The battery needs to be purchased separately

What Recent Buyers Report

This clip-on item is much-appreciated by users for being rechargeable by using a USB port. Additionally, its compact size makes it perfect for everyday use. The three light modes help the user complete their tasks in a perfect manner.

Why it Stands Out to Us

One of the most compact-sized and lightweight hat lights, this Blackube Cap Light can be easily recharged through a USB port anytime you want. The bright LED light offers you a bright vision and the lamp angle is fully adjustable to protect it against water splashes. Moreover, the three light modes, including high, low, and motion sensor, make it perfect for use in daily routine.

Who Will Use This Most

These rechargeable lights can be used by different people for different purposes. Whether you want to take your dog for a walk, or are going camping and hunting, you can't go wrong with this model in any way. Moreover, you can even use it on rainy days, as it is water-resistant as well.

Bottom Line

This small-sized hat light is an amazing option for those looking for a bright and rechargeable unit. The battery only needs 2.5 hours to charge and will offer a bright vision for a long time. In short, you cannot go wrong with this rechargeable unit.

5. Fishing Cap Lamps Freehawk Hat Clip Headlamp

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  • Long battery life to support you for 8 hours
  • Perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities
  • Small-sized and lightweight, making it highly portable
  • Can be rotated by 360-degree to give you a focused beam
  • Equipped with 3 LED lights to offer maximum vision according to your choice


  • Design is rather boring
  • Difficult to use in winter
  • Batteries need to be purchased separately

What Recent Buyers Report

These compact lights are so much loved by users that there are hardly any complaints about them. They are greatly loved for being highly flexible and can be adjusted according to your desire. Moreover, their low weight adds on to perfection.

Why it Stands Out to Us

With 360-degree rotation and 90-degree vertical adjustment, this small-sized but highly bright Freehawk Hat Clip Headlamp Light is greatly loved by its users. Being lightweight, they can be carried around and used wherever you want. They are operated by two cell batteries that last longer than eight hours.

Who Will Use This Most

Small in size, yet very vibrant, these lights are ideal for anyone going hunting, fishing, camping, or for any emergencies. You can even take these lights with you for going on a walk at night. In short, they are perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities.

Bottom Line

In case you are looking for a small, yet vibrant light for daily use, then you must get your hands on this Freehawk Hat Clip Headlamp. These are operated by batteries and last for more than eight hours. Moreover, they are perfect for both indoor and outdoor activities and add value to your money.

Why Should I Get a New Hat Clip Light?

Several reasons compel users to opt for a hat clip light both for indoor and outdoor activities. Here are some of these:

Both Hands Are Free to Work

One of the essential reasons you should opt for hat clip light is that it allows using both hands to complete the task. While working at a dark site, you generally need both hands, such as when working on a building's plumbing or electrical system. These models allow you to complete the task without any interruption by using both your hands. There is no need to use one of your hands to hold a torch.  

You Don't Have to Ask for Help

With these hat clip lights, there is no need to ask any co-worker for any help in order to hold a light for you while you work. In fact, such lights can work as an extra hand holding the light for you.

You Can Move Freely

While working in the dark or closed spaces, it is better to have your hands free. This will help you navigate better. Moreover, these affixed units allow you to illuminate the space ahead of you for increased visibility. This would be like moving in daylight, as you get to have light everywhere you look.  

Very Helpful in an Emergency

These lights are very helpful in emergencies. You will have your own light source by using these, especially while working at a construction site, camping, or in a garage. 


You might have thought that hat clip lights are unnecessary accessories for your cap. However, many pieces of evidence point to how useful these actually are. They make it possible for you to use both your hands while still providing you with enough light. There are different models with different strengths and weaknesses regarding different features, so you need to pick the best for your specific tasks.