Best Fire Extinguishers For Cars – Small Automobile Essentials [2020]

| Last Updated: January 14, 2022

No one wants to have to use a fire extinguisher, especially for a fire in, or on, your car! But having the best fire extinguisher available brings some level of comfort and sense of preparedness. Which is why we took the time to create this post for you!

We're going to go over which types of fire extinguishers are the best to keep in your car. Also, we're going to go over the difference between ABC, AB, B, and all those other types of fire extinguishers, so you'll actually know what you're buying and not just blindly follow random advice.

Comparison of the Best Fire Extinguishers for Cars

  • This product has a capacity of 2 lbs.
  • It comes with a corrosion-proof valve and is the best overall.
  • This product has non-toxic sodium-bicarbonate dry chemical.
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  • It weighs about 2.5 lbs.
  • It has the UL rating of 1-A:10-B: C.
  • This product has a metal valve, handle, and lever, making it the runner-up.
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  • It is made from aqueous film-forming foams (AFFF)
  • The product is shipped in certified frustration-free packaging.
  • It is usable for all the three classes of fire and is the best for the money.
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  • This unit has a UL rating of 1 B:C
  • It has a 6 to 8 ft. discharge range.
  • It comes with a steel strap and mounting bracket.
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  • It has an aluminum valve.
  • It has dry chemical construction.
  • The product has a capacity of about 2.5 lbs.
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  • It weighs about 2 lbs.
  • It has the UL rating of 5-B:C
  • It comes with a 5-year warranty.
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How to Choose a Car Fire Extinguisher

Buying a fire extinguisher is not as simple as walking in a store and picking out one that catches your eye. There are certain factors you need to consider prior to investing in one. Not picking the right kind of fire extinguisher will end up causing you to waste money on a product which isn't going to work for you.

Thus, let's take a close look at what exactly you should look for in a fire extinguisher:

Weight and Shape

When it comes to fire extinguishers, the term "the bigger, the better" doesn't apply. When looking for a product, you would ideally want an extinguisher which is lighter and smaller in size. The ideal weight is about two pounds and the best shape would be cylindrical or elongated.


You may wonder how the durability of a fire extinguisher is important. Well, the thing is, you can't really predict when you're going to have a fire accident. Most of the times, you may not be able to use the fire extinguisher for years after buying it. Thus, it's important to invest in a product which is made of durable materials that are corrosion-resistant.

Type of Fire Extinguisher

There are a number of types of extinguishers to choose from. One of them is a dry chemical extinguisher. This kind is best-suited for vehicle-related fires. These prevent restarting or spreading of fire.


Mounting is really important in order to secure your fire extinguisher in place. Thus, an ideal one would come with a bracket or be easy to mount on any standard bracket.


It is always better to get an extended warranty on your fire extinguisher. Ideally, the product would be warrantied for five years, but three years would be fine as well.

Classes and Types of Fire Extinguishers For Your Car

When it comes to fire extinguishers, the list of types and classes to choose from is almost endless! But, we're going to specify which one you need now, and that is a dry chemical, ABC fire extinguisher.

If you're like most people in the world, then that description means nothing to you and now there are more questions than before. We're going to go over the other types and classes of fire extinguishers quickly though, so you can use this information to purchase other extinguishers for your home or business.

Types of Fire Extinguishers

  • Water & Foam
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Dry Chemical
  • Wet Chemical
  • Clean Agent
  • Dry Powder
  • Water Mist

Classes of Fire Extinguishers

  • Water & Foam
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Dry Chemical

How to Mount a Fire Extinguisher in Your Car

You can buy mounts that are an almost universal fit for fire extinguishers. They come with instructions and fit most extinguishers meant for cars, which are generally one-two pounds and are around 18" long.

Best Way to Use a Fire Extinguisher if Your Car Does Catch on Fire

First of all, you need to call 911 before you attempt to put out a fire yourself. You don't need to extinguish the whole fire if you know your car is about to be engulfed in flames, just reduce the flames enough to get yourself or others out.

The best practice is to put out a small fire, if it's controllable. If it's a fire that's getting out of control, just extinguish the fire enough to get your valuables out before the fire trucks arrive.

Vehicle fires only make up less than 15% of all fires that get called in. So hopefully, you're not one of the unfortunate few who has to deal with this catastrophe, but if you are, we want to make sure you have the best fire extinguisher for your car, just in case!

Review of the Best Fire Extinguishers for Cars

Here are recommendations of some of the top-notch fire extinguishers on the market. You'll surely find one that's best-suited for you. Below are the best models on the market and an overview of their unique qualities. 

Best Overall:
First Alert Fire Extinguisher

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  • The Instructions are Easy to Read
  • It Works Wonderfully for Electrical Fires
  • Comes With a Plastic Bracket
  • Small Enough to Fit Anywhere in the Car
  • The Manufacturing Material is Corrosion-Resistant Aluminum


  • The Bracket Isn't of the Best Quality
  • Some Buyers Complained the Unit is Too Small
  • Some Buyers Complained That the Pull Ring Was Low Quality and Deteriorated With UV Exposure

What Recent Buyers Report

Most buyers were extremely happy with this product. They reported that even though it looks small, it packs a punch and is able to single-handedly put out electrical fires with great ease. The product overall, received predominantly positive reviews.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

It stood out to us as it is a great, quality, multipurpose product. As it has such a small size, the unit is perfect to fit anywhere, whether in your car or garage. It is made of great quality products and is therefore, a great investment.

This is the definition of a compact fire extinguisher that is perfect to keep in your car! It's a sweet little product that has a lot of things going for it and a few things that could make it better. But let's start with how awesome it is before we look at the downsides.

First of all, the compact size is impressive for how much use you get out of it! At just under three lbs and 11"x3" you could squeeze this under the back of your seat if it didn't already come with a mount to attach to the front of your seat. However, when you use this extinguisher you have to use the WHOLE THING. So that means no reusing. If you use it, you would need to buy a new unit.

Also this is only an BC fire extinguisher. Which means that it won't be effective against wood or paper fires. But if this is in your car, you shouldn't have too much wood or paper to put out, so that's okay.

Who Will Use This Most 

This unit could work for many people. It works best for electrical fires, which is one of the most common types of fire hazards for cars. 

Bottom Line

All in all, this product is a great investment. As far as performance and aesthetics go, it gets full points. It is highly multipurpose and will prove to be very useful in fire situations.

Kidde Multi-Purpose Fire Extinguisher

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  • It Comes With a Bracket Included
  • The Instructions are Very Clear and Easy to Read
  • This Product Itself is Lightweight and Easy to Handle
  • It is Multipurpose and Can Fight Class A, B, and C Fires
  • Design Makes it Easy to Use Due to the Easy-to-Pull Safety Pin


  • It is Not the Best for Grease Fires
  • Some People Found it Hard to Operate
  • It Sometimes Freezes in the Middle of Working for a Few Seconds

What Recent Buyers Report

The majority of buyers were very happy with the product they received. The deal they got with the price, coupled with the good quality construction of this unit, impressed them immensely. This unit was deemed to be a great investment by most. However, there were some people who found it hard to operate.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

It basically stood out to us for having great quality construction and an aesthetically-pleasing design. It won't look bad in your car. The shape and size are perfect. This product is very easy to handle and a child could operate it, as well.

This Coast Guard approved ABC dry chemical fire extinguisher is the go-to for most automobiles. The fact that it's reusable and comes with a retention strip bracket for mounting, make this a pretty sweet bargain.

This extinguisher is a bit larger than other car models, but it means that this bad boy will put out more volume and the metal exterior will ensure it lasts much longer than the competition.

In the beginning, there was some fuss about the fact that Kidde used plastic parts in the handles. While that's true, they've since upgraded their standards for the handle parts. What really sets this one apart is the fact that it's an ABC fire extinguisher, where other automobile versions are just BC. 

Who Will Use This Most 

This would work best for normal or small-scale house fires. It isn't the best for large scale fires. It could be operated by little children, given the lightweight construction and easy to use operation.

Bottom Line

This product has a few cons, but the pros largely outweigh them. It surely is a great investment and will work wonders for most people. The construction is particularly of very good quality for the price.

Best for the Money:
 Fire Gone Suppressant Canisters

No products found.


  • Easy to Use
  • Very Affordable
  • Functions Very Well
  • Comes in a Pack of 2
  • Lightweight and Easy to Handle


  • The Plastic Head Isn't of the Best Quality
  • There Were Complaints That the Can Leaked Foam
  • Some Buyers Complained These Were Quite Fragile

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers were very happy with the purchase of this product. This unit seemed to impress them by its affordable nature and working capacity. It is one of the most favored fire extinguishers on the market, which is a big deal since there are so many to choose from.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

It stood out to us as a good deal. It comes in a pack of two, works very well, and seems like a good investment. This unit is one of the best deals you'll get in the market. Plus, the easy to use nature sold us on it completely. 

Who Will Use This Most 

This could work for many people. It is made to work on all three fire classes A, B, and C, which make it versatile and good to use for a larger audience. It is always good to have multiples of the product to keep one in your house while another in your car. 

Bottom Line

This is a great product, especially given the price. This pack of two is one of the best deals you'll get, along with having decently working products. Thus, if you're on a budget or just looking for multiples, then this is your best shot.

4. H3R Performance HG100C HalGuard

No products found.


  • Easy to Handle
  • Looks Amazing
  • Easy to Use
  • Very Sturdy Construction
  • Works Very Well in Putting Out Type B and C Fires


  • It Only Works for B and C Fire Classes
  • It Might Not Be Great for Cooking or Kitchen Fires
  • Some Buyers Found the Packaging a Bit Hard to Get Rid Of

What Recent Buyers Report

According to buyers, this is one of the best fire extinguishers on the market. The unit exceeded their expectations, given its highly functional design and stylish looks. Buyers were thoroughly impressed.

Why it Stands Out to Us 

It stood out to us for having impeccable looks and great functionality, which are two features not often found in the same product. You normally have to compromise on one, but not with this product.

Who Will Use This Most 

It would work well for types B and C fires, as it is constructed primarily for them. It isn't the most versatile product, but definitely gets the job done. 

Bottom Line

This extinguisher is one of the most recommended ones on the market and for good reason. It truly is a great investment and would work wonderfully for most fire hazards. 

5. Buckeye ABC Multi-Purpose Dry Chemical Fire Extinguisher

No products found.


  • This Product Looks Great
  • The Brand is Highly Reliable
  • The Instructions are Easy to Read
  • The Product is Lightweight and Easy to Handle
  • Highly Functional and Multi-Purpose


  • It Isn't the Easiest to Use
  • Some People Complained That it Leaks
  • This Isn't the Longest-Lasting Product and Needs to Be Replaced Often

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers were extremely happy with their purchase and most would recommend this product to others. Not only did they like how easy it was to handle, but they loved that they could use it for several purposes. The only complaint some users have is that it doesn't last for too long. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

We liked it for having great quality construction. It was highly recommended by many buyers, which piqued our interest, and it didn't disappoint at all. 

Who Will Use This Most 

It is useful for all kinds of uses and works wonders. The product is highly functional and versatile. It can work for different types of fires and is a great investment overall.

Bottom Line:

It is a great investment. You will definitely love having multiples of this product. It works great and is one of the user favorites. 

6. Kidde Automobile Fire Extinguisher

No products found.


  • It Has Decent Aesthetics
  • It Works Exceptionally Well
  • Comes With Easy-to-Read Instructions
  • Comes With a Mounting Bracket
  • It Has a Five-Year Warranty and Great Customer Service


  • It Doesn't Work for Class A Fires
  • The Construction Isn't the Best Quality
  • It Might Be Hard for Some People to Operate

What Recent Buyers Report

Most buyers were very happy with their product. They deem it to be one of the best extinguishers they've ever had, which says a lot for this unit. The only problem they seemed to have was that it didn't work well for class A fires. 

Why it Stands Out to Us 

It is a great product from one of the best brands. This brand has the best customer service and the reliability of the product itself is very good, as well. Thus, it's a good option. In fact, these characteristics make it stand out to us, too. 

When it comes to price and effectiveness, you're not going to beat this handy little fire extinguisher. This falls into the standard size for vehicle use, so it will easily fit mounts for the front seat and trunk. This fire extinguisher is reusable.

This is one extinguisher that can take the heat if you have to leave it in the trunk because you can't afford the front seat mount. While it's not common for fire extinguishers to explode due to heat, it does happen sometimes. But this fire extinguisher has had absolutely no complaints of this happening at all!

One downside is that it's not the metallic silver that it looks like, rather, it's plastic. Which doesn't make it any less effective when extinguishing fires, but does raise a few concerns. Again, there have been no complaints of durability or exploding, and all signs point to a great product. 

Who Will Use This Most 

This would be best-suited for everyone except for those needing to deal with class A fires, which it lacks the capability of doing. It is a highly versatile product, which works for most fire conditions. 

Bottom Line

It surely is one of the best ones out there and will prove to be a great investment for all. The design, looks, and functionality all are great.

How to Install a Fire Extinguisher in Your Car

One couldn't emphasize the importance of having a fire extinguisher in your car enough. Cars catch fire more often then you realize. In fact, statistics show that a car catches fire every two minutes in the U.S. The sad part is, a lot of these are avoidable if given prior consideration.

After choosing the fire extinguisher you want to invest in, it is only natural to wonder how to install it in your car. The process is simple enough for you to do and if you think you're not able to, you can always ask for help.

The first thing you will consider is the size of the fire extinguisher you need to install. After that, you will decide the location you want to place it in. Ideally, it would be easy to reach in an emergency, yet not so in-your-face that it hinders your day-to-day car usage.

Once all of this is decided, you need a bracket to mount in your car ,which you will place the extinguisher into. The bracket usually comes along with the fire extinguisher. 

To mount the bracket to your car, you have a number of options. You can either stick it by means of adhesive or Velcro straps or drill holes in your car and screw the bracket in. 

The bracket will support your fire extinguisher and keep it in place so you can pull out upon need.

To understand this in a clearer way, watch this video below:

What Causes Car Fires?

You may be surprised to know the things which put your vehicle at risk of catching fire. No matter how well-constructed your car is, it is not indestructible. Fire hazards are real and one shouldn't ignore the possibility. Here are some common scenarios which may cause car fires:

Fuel Leakage

It is perhaps the most commonly-reported cause for fires in cars. There are numerous reasons for fuel leakage from worn-out gaskets to poorly insulated spark plugs which can ignite the leaking fuel.

Overheating of the Car Engine

An overheated engine rarely causes a fire, however, it still is a possibility. Although a fire will never emerge from the engine itself, it merely contributes as the pressure building inside the chamber ends up pushing fluids around, through the tubes to the engine, resulting in the fire.

Electrical Faults

Electrical faults are another common cause of vehicular fires. If an electrical short circuit happens, the wire is overheated, and by means of combustion, a fire can be initiated. 

Lack of Maintenance

A lot of cars which experience a fire are those that lack maintenance and care. One should always pay attention to the odd noises and lack of performance a car experiences, etc. These are usually symptoms of faulty wiring, broken parts, and leakage. 

Fluid Spillage

The fluids your vehicle runs on, such as fuel, engine oil, brake fluid, and engine coolant all are highly flammable. If the tubes through which these fluids run become faulty, these fluids might end up on the hot part of the engine, causing a fire. 


The best way to wrap-up this post is by reminding everyone of the fact that it's always better to be safe than sorry. Take all the necessary measures to prevent fires, be prepared for them even though you try to prevent them, and if you do encounter one, know there are ways to deal with that situation, as well. 

Maintenance of your vehicle and getting automobile insurance are the smartest routes to take when it comes to fire hazards. It might take some of your time and require some effort, but it is worth it in the long run.

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