Best Concealed Carry Pants – 2020 Complete Round-up

| Last Updated: January 14, 2022

Carrying a weapon is a necessity for people in security but no one wants to stick out like a sore thumb with their gun, right? If it is obvious you are carrying a weapon, you may become a target for anyone wishing to cause trouble.

This is why most of them go for concealed carry pants. These pants not only make it easy for you to carry a weapon but also allow you to do it secretly. 

This way, you get to blend into the surroundings more thoroughly. By now, you must be curious about concealed carry pants. So, here is all the information you need to get an idea of what they are all about. 

Comparison of the Best Concealed Carry Pants

  • Best Concealed Carry Pants
  • Wrinkle-resistant pants do not need frequent ironing
  • Military-inspired design makes these pants the best overall
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  • Runner-up with fitted waistband
  • Covert bottom is flexible and comfortable
  • Rip-stop fabric contains 62% polyester and 38% cotton
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  • Best for the money with an easy fit
  • Machine wash fabric is highly durable
  • Made with a mixture of poly and cotton material
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  • Both stylish as well as practical
  • OCL available on both right and left sides
  • Best concealed carry yoga pants for women
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  • Triple stitching increases the reliability
  • Cotton and polyester material combined
  • Best concealed carry cargo pants for men
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Will Any Pants Work for Concealed Carry Purposes?

There's no strict rule for wearing a particular type of pants for concealed carry purposes. But, yes, there are certain problems you may face with your regular pants.

First, they may cover the concealed carry weapon well but do not hide the imprint that appears on your clothes. 

No matter the kind of shirt that you wear, there will be that imprint on it. And this kind of kills the whole purpose of concealed carrying a weapon. 

Moreover, if you just stick the gun in the waistband of your regular pants, it is risky. The trigger stays exposed and you might end up having an accident. So, it is better to go for pants specifically designed for the purpose of concealed carrying. 

What Should I Look for When Buying Concealed Carry Pants?

In order to make the most out of concealed carry pants, you should buy the best pair. Here are some features to look for in order to make the right purchase. 

Ease of Carrying

The most important consideration has to be the ease of carrying the weapon. No matter if it is a compact weapon or a fairly large one, the pants should accommodate it. The ease of carrying depends on the waistband of the pants along with the weapon positions it supports. 

Formal Wear

Now, this is something you should always keep in mind while buying new concealed carry pants. After all, you cannot wear cargo pants to a formal event as it will make you stand out. So, make sure you have some concealed carry pants for formal dressing themes, as well. 

Type of Holster

The type of holster concealed carry pants come with is also very important. It should have the right amount of space to support your weapon. Also, there should be enough flexibility to allow you to position your weapon in accordance with your comfort.


Well, comfort is something that has to be there, right? The pants should be comfortable enough to wear and move around in. So, keep your comfort among the top priorities while considering a pair of concealed carry pants. 

Review of the Best Concealed Carry Pants

Concealed carry pants are a sure way of carrying your weapons discreetly. But you have to get the best ones to benefit from them fully. So, here is a complete review of some of our favorite picks to help you out. 

Best Overall:
 CQR Men's Tactical Pants


  • Ripstop fabric has a longer life
  • 2 front flap pockets provide greater space
  • High-density metal alloy zipper and button
  • Material contains 65% polyester and 35% cotton
  • Automatic repulsion of liquids and contaminates by Duratex 


  • Rear pocket is not tactical
  • Not suitable for extensive activity

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers loved using these pants as they made their work in the field easier. They found them particularly helpful since they are resistant to wrinkling. This leads to a less frequent ironing, making the wearer look ever-ready. They also liked the way the color does not fade easily.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us because of its fabric, primarily. The mix of 65% polyester and 35% cotton makes the fabric light in weight and comfortable. The Duratex repulsion is another nice feature that we love about these pants. It is also more prominent in the market due to the high-density alloy zipper and button. 

Who Will Use This Most

These pants have military-grade construction, which makes them great for all kinds of usage. Whether you are security personnel or someone who loves vocational shooting, these are great for you. Just make sure you get the right size and you will enjoy wearing these. 

Bottom Line

The bottom line on this one is that it’s one of the best concealed carry pants options in the market today. Its fabric and zipper are highly reliable, making it a good option. So, investing in it can be great if you want something to conceal your weapon in style.

 5.11 Tactical Men’s Ridgeline Covert Pants


  • 8 high capacity and 2 hidden rear pockets
  • 2-way mechanical stretchable Flex-Tac fabric
  • YKK zippers on the pants for a greater reliability
  • Double stitching makes them stylish and durable
  • Teflon finish to keep dirt and liquid impurities away


  • Create a sag, as there is no belt
  • Sizing is a little tricky sometimes

What Recent Buyers Report

The people who bought these pants lately had some very positive reviews. They liked these due to the stitching and fitting, which suited their needs well. Buyers also commended on the ripstop nature of the fabric, which prevents chafing even when they used these extensively.

Why it Stands Out to Us

These pants make it to our list as the runner-up because of the way they fit so well. They have ten pockets that help store multiple things in a well-organized manner. The Teflon finish is also great, as it helps your pants stay clean for longer.

Who Will Use This Most

These pants are most useful for people who are always on the go. If you are in a security job where you have long shifts, then these pants are perfect for you. The bottom is so comfortable that it will not let you feel any fatigue, even after long hours of duty.

Bottom Line

Considering all the features, these concealed carry pants are amazing for all kinds of users. No matter if you use them for hiking, work, or for casual hangouts, these are going to be very comfortable. So, go ahead and get these. Your future self may thank you for the choice.

Best for the Money:
Propper Men's Canvas


  • Stretch waistband for a better fit
  • D-ring for attaching tools and rings easily
  • Dupont Teflon fights off the stains and dirt
  • Nine pocket design provides enough space for additional items
  • Wrinkle and shrink resistance make the pants more reliable 


  • Zipper is not of very high quality
  • Not suitable for very active people

What Recent Buyers Report

These pants have impressed recent buyers and users to a great extent. They love the way they fit their waistline without being too tight or loose. They also like its poly and cotton mix fabric, which stays breathable after constant wear, too.

Why it Stands Out to Us

These pants distinguish themselves from their competitors due to their price. They have high affordability and are so rich in features that it is hard to believe. The nine-pocket design enables you to conveniently stash as many items as you want. In addition, we like the included D-ring for keeping keys and other things handy.

Who Will Use This Most

These pants are going to be best suited for people who have to stay on a budget but want something great. Everything from the fabric to the stitching of these pants is on-point. This leaves hardly anything else to be desired, so everyone can get them without any hesitation.

Bottom Line

In our opinion, these are an affordable pair of concealed carrying pants that everyone should have. Even if you are not in a job where you need to carry weapons, you will love wearing these. The fit and pockets make sure you stay both stylish and comfortable.

Best Concealed Carry Yoga Pants:
 UnderTech UnderCover Leggings T1553


  • Fitting is snug but not suffocating
  • Leggings are great for active users
  • Broad range of sizes from XS to XXXL
  • Retention strap for increasing the ease of use
  • Has two holster positions for keeping weapons


  • Available in black only
  • Good for smaller weapons only

What Recent Buyers Report

Buyers of these yoga pants loved them, as they could wear them everywhere. They reported wearing them for their workout sessions and on the field, both with the same ease. They also liked these pants for the way their fashionable look as usual pants while concealing the weapons effectively.

Why it Stands Out to Us

These pants caught our eye with the way they fit the user so well. They have no loose ends and do not cause chaffing, even when running for long durations. Their twin holster placement at kidney and appendix positions make them an amazing option, as well.

Who Will Use This Most

Since these pants are for women, they get the maximum benefit. These are especially great for women who carry smaller weapons, as they do not poke into your body while on the move.

Bottom Line

All in all, these yoga pants are great for both concealed carry and a fashionable appearance. They have a soft appearance and the fabric has a lot of fans, as well. So, you should get these if you want to make moving with your small weapon easier with the added comfort.

Best Concealed Carry Cargo Pants:
 5.11 Men's Taclite PRO Tactical Pants


  • Light fabric is highly breathable
  • Flexible pants to provide comfort in the field
  • 8 pockets for more space and ease of carrying additional items
  • Gusseted inseam construction to prevent ripping
  • Teflon coating provides protection against stain and dirt


  • Button comes off with light usage
  • Feels slightly more expensive than other options

What Recent Buyers Report

Recent buyers gave mixed reviews regarding these cargo pants. They liked its tactical nature a lot, as it stays comfortable and sturdy. They also found these great for hiking and working out. However, there were some problems with loose buttons, which can be easily overcome.

Why it Stands Out to Us

It stands out to us with its Teflon coating, basically. It keeps the pants looking new and stylish, all while staying clean. The D-ring on the waistband is another great feature that lets you keep necessary things easy to access.

Who Will Use This Most

Anybody who needs to conceal carry any weapon can use these. Since the holster is quite spacious, even the size of the weapon is not a problem. This is why you should get a pair of these, even if you have several pairs already.

Bottom Line

To sum up, these cargo pants go a long way in providing comfort and practicality. They not only help you conceal carry your weapon, but also allow you to store extra ammunition. So, what else can you ask for when getting so much with these?

Aspects to Consider Before Buying

If you are thinking of buying new concealed carry pants, make sure you get the right ones. Here are some aspects that you have to consider to do so.


While getting new pants, you have to be careful of their conceal carrying capability, but the fabric is important, as well. It affects both the quality of pants and your comfort. After all, there is no point in investing in pants which look flimsy or chafe your legs. So, be careful about the type and quality of the fabric before buying them.


The pockets of concealed carry pants need consideration, as well. They should be spacious and compact at the same time to stay both practical and stylish. The arrangement of pockets is also important in addition to their size. 


The price of concealed carry pants is another significant factor you have to consider. Regardless of if you are on a budget or not, you will want to get the best pants. So, go for the pair with the best features at the most affordable price.

Weapon Type

As the purpose of the concealed carrying pants is to hide your weapon, they should be able to do so. Thus, the weapon type and size should be considered before buying concealed carry pants, too. 


To wrap up, concealed carry pants are going to be your most loyal clothing item once you get the perfect pair. So, look through the options carefully and select the pair which is most practical and comfortable for you. Just remember to keep your weapon in mind while buying new pants.

People Also Ask

A lot of people, including security personnel and other weapon carriers alike are opting for concealed carry pants. This is due to the greater comfort that these pants provide. Still, there are people who have recently begun carrying weapons and are confused regarding the need for this type of clothing. So, if you are one of them, we have answered some possible queries for you.

Do IWB Holsters Need Bigger Pants?

Inside-the-waistband holsters (IWB) do need bigger pants, as they need more space for fitting the weapon into your pants. Sometimes, you have to go an entire size larger  for maximum comfort with your weapon while still remaining concealed. However, you will not need a bigger size if the pants are stretchy. They will fit the IWB holster on their own and stay comfortable. Check the specs of the pants you are considering to determine what size is best.

Can You Carry a Gun in Your Waistband?

Yes, you can carry a gun in your waistband, but you will not be able to conceal carry it. The imprint or bulge will appear beneath your shirt and it will likely look awkward. You will have to wear loose clothes or jacket over it to hide it completely. So, yes, you can carry a gun in your waistband, but it will be uncomfortable and possibly dangerous. 

What is the Best Concealed Carry Position?

The strong-side hip is the best concealed carry position, as it provides you the quickest access to your weapon. It allows you to position your weapon near your dominant hand so that you can draw it easily. This position is quite comfortable as well, since the gun does not poke into your body when placed in this way.