How to Survive a Natural Disaster – 2020 Guide to Get Out Alive

We see this time and time again, almost too regularly, that some natural disaster has wiped out another small town or village across the ocean. Is there any way to survive this madness?? Whether it’s earthquakes, tsunamis, tornadoes or wildfires it seems that God has a point He’s been trying to make with us. There is … Read more

How to Earn Money as a Skilled Prepper – 4 Strategic Tips

After communicating with people in our community, we’ve come to the conclusion that having enough money to be efficient in prepping is priority numero uno.  This is the one thing that has the ability to limit most everyone in what they’re able to do for themselves and their families when it comes to increasing their … Read more

Best Bug Out Backpacks of 2020 – Large Bags for When the SHTF

This question is sort of a-kin to asking “how long is a piece of string?”, we won’t know which is the best backpack for a bug out bag until we know your situation and limitations. So let’s get into that and make sure you’re ready to bug out when the shtf or teotwawki or maybe … Read more

[GUEST POST] Apartment Prepping For 9-5 Desk Jockeys

Here at Survive The Wild we’re dedicated to helping the 9-5 worker make the most of their time when it comes to prepping for disaster and survivalism. Which is why there’s none better than to offer advice on this topic!  will offer advice on how to get started as a 9-5 worker who also … Read more