Best 2 Person Camping Cots – The Perfect Two Person Solution (Updated for 2020)

| Last Updated: October 23, 2022

Camping alone isn't as fun as bringing that special person with you, and to make sure you actually enjoy your time together, you'll want to have the best cot that sleeps couples COMFORTABLY on this trip.

So let us walk you through the highest value options for the love birds who want to experience nature together!

Comparison of the Best 2-Person Camping Cots




Teton Sports Outfitter Camping Cot XXL

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Best Overall

Large Disc-O Bed (Bunkbed Cot)

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How to Choose a 2-Person Camping Cot

Below are the key qualities that make for a great option:


When you're camping with your special person, there is such a thing as being "too close". If you're on a 10 mile trek in the beginning or end of summer, the last thing you want to do is try to sleep when you're sticky and hot, next to someone else who's sticky and hot. Ultralight like a Desert Walker is not the way to go here.

So bunkbed cots are a great alternative for couples who need separate beds, or if you don't have room for a larger bed. You get to sleep in the same footprint size, but you each have your own space to get a good night's sleep.

However, if you're in the dead of winter camping, and you are taking advantage of these conditions to get a little extra spooning in, there are cots for that as well! Sleeping on a twin sized bed is what most of these outdoor beds feel like, but there are XL and XXL options that hold up to 600+ lbs. So spoon away!

Sleeping Positions

Speaking from experience, if you're in a cot as a side sleeper with a back sleeper, there's a war that is waged over space distribution! So look at these seemingly small details before you jump out and spend a few hundred dollars on a camping cot that might not work for you as a couple.

If you're a side sleeper and your partner is a side sleeper, then you might be able to get away with a standard cot, until you both have to roll over at the same time, then good luck. Like it was pointed out before though, a side sleeper mixed with anything else is NOT a good idea in tight quarters.

To keep your special someone as happy as possible, and your back as well, you might want to look at a camping cot mattress. There are inflatable options that weigh less than 2 lbs, but they will be worth their weight in gold if you can save each other some comfort!


This was touched on briefly in the space section, but it bears repeating in order to help you make the best decision, and that's the season you're going camping during, even if you're truck camping

A little bit of foresight goes a long way when planning for comfort on one of these trips. It could also be the difference between a great memory for the rest of your lives, and something neither of you want to think about ever again!

If you're camping during the summer, it's a great idea to get a breathable material that supports you on your cot. This will allow for easy air flow and release of body heat. There's not much worse than sweating on top of a thick plastic mat that traps heat and pools your sweat under you, gross. You just want to get the best cot for the money is all we're trying to say.

Now a winter camping trip is completely different! You want to focus on insulation with minimal air flow in order to stay warm and comfortable. Breathable insulation traps the heat coming off of your bodies to keep you warm, but doesn't suffocate you in that heat. Finding the right fit for you both is going to be a tall order.

Quick Take: 
Our Top Choices

In a hurry? Here's a snapshot of the best 2 person camping cots:

Review of the Best 2-Person Camping Cots

Here are the top models to consider when looking for a new 2-person cot. Let's see what makes them stand out among competing models:

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If you're a side sleeper couple on a camping trip, this is the cot for you two! The Teton XXL can hold up to 600 lbs, is over 7 feet long, and almost 4 feet wide. So you shouldn't be hanging over the edge on either end with this bad boy!

Since Teton doesn't make garbage products either, you're going to get a quality product with this one! A concern however, and this will be true with most cots that sleep couples, is that it's a bit heavy for long treks. At 25 lbs, that's not too much to carry a mile or so, but after the 5th mile in one day, this thing will wear you down.

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For all other situations when you're on a camping trip as a couple, the experience we've had with these cots tells us that this is the only way to satisfy two different sleepers and save space. The large bed from Disc-O is a God send! 

One complaint about this bed is that it's over 60 lbs when shipped, and on a trip you can strip it down to maybe 50 lbs. That's still a LOT of weight to carry if you're already bringing a pack for each of you!

With over a 500 lb weight limit, and roughly the size of a twin mattress, this camping cot is a great choice for two folks who want to enjoy the outdoors together. It's incredibly easy to assemble, and packs away into a zip-able pouch.

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