Best 10/22 Scopes of 2020 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

10/22 rifles are incredibly popular due to their high versatility and easy modification, which enables them to be incredibly reliable as well. They are comparatively inexpensive and lightweight, which enables them to perform a multitude of actions and allows them to work for competitive shooting, game hunting, around the farm, etc. Perhaps one of the most … Read more

Best 17 WSM Scopes of 2020 – Ultimate Review

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Best Glock 23 Holsters of 2020 – Ultimate Round-up

Carrying a weapon is a must for those in law enforcement or in a private security business. It is even for normal self-defense purposes, but the weapon should not be in public view. It intimidates people and makes you look unapproachable and even threatening. So, you should conceal carry it in something like a Glock 23 … Read more

Best Mini 14 Scope Mounts – 2020 Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

The Mini 14 is a world-famous shotgun meant for big game hunting. It comes in various models, and some of its older models do not come with a capacity to mount a scope. While the Mini 14 is one of the best guns for hunting, it still requires some reliable, high-quality scope to enhance performance. However, the … Read more

Best Pistol Red Dots of 2020 – Complete Review

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Best Glock 30 Holsters of 2020 – Complete Buyer’s Guide

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Best Glock 27 Holsters – 2020 Ultimate Review

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How to Wear a Paddle Holster [Overview + Video]

Paddle holster is a popular choice among handgun owners because of their comfort and convenience. It is an outside the waistband holster that utilizes a paddle for a secure and easy attachment to your waistband. However, you must learn how to wear and make adjustments to it in order to use it effectively and properly. Furthermore, … Read more

Best Savage 220 Scopes – 2020 Review

Among hunters and shooters, the Savage 220 shotgun is popular, especially for hog and deer hunting. However, the gun alone isn’t enough to shoot in all types of situations without missing any hits. Therefore, a good quality Savage 220 scope is a must-have. The following article reviews the best Savage 220 scopes in the market and also … Read more

Best 300 Win Mag Scopes – 2020 Review

The .300 Winchester Magnum, or more commonly known as the Win Mag, is one of the best high powered cartridges used by shooters. It is popular not only for hunting but also for target shooting as well as military and law enforcement. The ideal use of this impeccable cartridge is with a scope that complements its … Read more