Announcing Conference to Decolonize Conservation: Our Land Our Nature

| Last Updated: March 13, 2023

Hello All!

Survival International is happy to announce the third Our Land Our Nature Conference to Decolonize Conservation – it’s taking place on April 14th in New York City. Read more below and at this link:

The planet faces an unprecedented loss of biodiversity and accelerating climate change; crises that threaten the future of humanity. But the promotion of false solutions to these crises by many governments, corporations, and big conservation NGOs is not the way forward. Protected Areas often not only fail to address the root causes of environmental challenges but actively harm those least responsible for them. 

Decades of research and first-hand experience have shown that the mainstream approach to biodiversity conservation – fortress conservation – has had a devastating impact on Indigenous and other local people’s lands, livelihoods, and rights. Flawed thinking that sees human presence as a threat to ‘nature’ has led to a model of conservation that is often violent, colonial, and racist. 

This conference seeks to change the mainstream conversation around conservation by bringing together Indigenous people from around the world, along with human rights experts, to elevate the voices of those who have seen their lands stolen and their livelihoods devastated by the increasing militarization of conservation. Indigenous and local people’s voices are all-too-often unheard or ignored, and this conference is a rare opportunity to change thinking around conservation policy, and to advocate for an alternative approach based on Indigenous rights.

When: Friday, April 14th 2023

Where: New York City: Center for Undergraduate Studies at City University New York. Online version available,

How to register: visit this link: It’s free, and open to the public!

To learn more about our speakers and read the full program please visit